Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday is Caturday

Are you ready to start your weekend with a round up of amazing kitty pictures?

"You can stop taking pictures and get back to work now."

Just part of the daily routine. Nothing unusual happening here.

Empty or full, dirty or clean, it's always good.

Do you ever wake up and have a really bad knot in your back that comes out of nowhere? I don't use the electric back massager very often, and Ares was very curious about it.

So happy about his back foot up in the air.

Kitty washing acrobatics.

Styrofoam on the nose again. Love it so much.

I had to sneak one in here of Angel because it makes me so happy to see her enjoying so many of her favorite basement spots again. Early December was rough for her, but she's doing so much better now. Better than she has been in months really. You can read more about that here.

Ares keeping an eye on everyone.

Jake multitasking: working out and taking pictures of Ares and his ridiculousness.

Do you see the Schwinn logo in the last picture? One night Ares attacked it viciously.

I get this double look a lot when I'm on the computer at night and the little guys are ready for food.

Keeping his back paw over his face and grabbing his tail while sleeping. Priceless.

My ever present laundry helper Ares.

Cheering on the Packers.

The best little sleeping buddies.

Cold weather is perfect for getting tucked in with the blanket.

What have your cats been up to lately?


  1. I'm so glad to hear Angel is feeling better. I've heard cosequin is great for arthritic kitties. None of us have that issue, but if it develops (we are 11, 12 and 13 years old), my human won't hesitate to get some.

  2. Wonderful pics. The double look is my favorite, I think. And what fun that your kitty watches football! The cat nappers are adorable, too.

  3. These are cute pictures. They are so playful.

  4. Love Caturdays! So glad Angel is doing better too!

  5. Adorable! Now to go curl up for the night. ;-)

  6. They are so flexible! It's great to hear Angel is finally doing a bit better. =)

  7. Haha...I love the one of them lined up looking at you for food :) And curled up together is great too.
    So great to see Angel and hear she is doing well.

  8. Great pictures! Love the one with the two of them sitting side by side. I would caption that one, "Double Trouble." Love them all!


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