Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Feature: Milwaukee sellers

One of the cool things about Etsy is that you can shop online and still shop local. The next time you search on the site, check out the search options on the left side of the page. One of them is for location. So if you ever feel like shopping without leaving the house (which I do more than ever this time of year) but still picking up something handmade and local, check it out.

I'm featuring just a few favorite picks from some Milwaukee sellers today. Enjoy!

I got a number of comments on the F-Bomb this fall. If you didn't go buy one then, go pick one up now.
Do you ever shop local on Etsy?


  1. Fun picks! Since I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S3 I just have to check out that whimsical case :)

  2. That beaded flower is pretty amazing! I bought a rhino pillow for Noli (she loves rhinos) from a local Etsian -- it was fun to meet her!

  3. Dear Rose, The headband and beaded flower clip are pretty.
    I often don't want to go shopping either. The weather as you know is cold, damp and usually very gray outside, but at least the temps are no longer below zero!
    My favorite times are spring and fall.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  4. What a fun assortment of items. Not surprised to see the Harley. I love the iPhone case. And the F-bomb is too funny. My sons and grandsons would get a kick out of that.

  5. Great group of talented artists in your area! Love the card and the headband.

  6. Nice collection of artists. I love the headband and those heart Linocuts are pretty cool.
    Everyday Inspired


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