Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Photo a Day Challenge wrap up

It's hard to believe that we're almost through another month already!

It's worked out well having my fat mum slim's photo a day challenge photos on Pinterest, so I put my July photos up there.  I still don't need any more daily content on this blog, Facebook, or Twitter.  You can check out the entire board here (or by clicking on the above photo).  I'm just sharing a few of the highlights in this post today.

Day 1: Self-Portrait
I did the short hair thing for the better part of 5 years.  It was fun for a while, but I miss having long hair (kind of a lot) so I'm growing it out again.

Day 2: Busy
I am almost always multitasking so it's not unusual that I have at least two notebooks in front of me at the computer.  This also means that I'm doing a good job with my list making!

Day 7: Garden
Some friends gifted us some herbs from their garden.

Day 9: Big
Miller Park.

Day 12: Texture
The bleacher seats at Miller Park.

Day 18: Plate
I took a few pictures of this for an article.  It's cold orzo pasta salad with tomatoes and feta cheese, sauteed vegetables (portabella mushrooms, squash, and zucchini), and avocado slices.  If you missed the recipe, it's over here.

Day 20: Eyes
It took quite a few photos to get a shot of Angel this close that wasn't completely blurry.

Day 23: Mirror
I feel like I've used about every possible option for prompts like this around the house, so I took a few pictures in stores this month.

Day 25: Heart
Heart buttons.

Day 26: Sunshine
Sunlight filtering through the trees at Greenfield Park.

Day 30: Calm
Another shot at Greenfield Park.

Again, you can check out the entire set of July photos on Pinterest right here.

I'm going to re-cap what is becoming my standard questions and insight that I put together for these challenges:
I have a confession to make.:  Most of you know that I don't necessarily take the photo prompts on the given days for the challenge.  I believe that I get better photos this way than I do if I force the photos every day.  I also only take the time to upload and edit these photos once or twice a week
Is it tough to participate in this challenge and the Scavenger and Macro challenges?  The short answer to this question is yes.  The last two months it wasn't too hard, but I had a tough time pulling everything together before the end of the month.  A lot of the prompts didn't match up, and I was taking more photos at various outings with family and friends and taking less photos for prompts at home and out on my own.
Is it worth it?  The short answer to this is also yes.  Many of you know that as a freelance writer, I like to use a lot of photos in my long term earnings articles.  It is a huge time saver to pull something from my files that I know is high quality than to shoot and edit something brand new or search for a stock file online.  These challenges really help me with this process of continuing to grow my own photo supply.
I am participating next month.  I am also planning to continue to not force photos everyday and only take time to upload once or twice a week.  If you're interested in participating for August, check out the prompt list right here.

What have you been photographing lately?

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  1. I just got my hair cut short yesterday. I like it but the rest of the family doesn't (sigh). Thanks for including the Angel photo. I love vat pictures.

  2. The bleacher seat photo is really interesting. Very nice.

  3. My hair has been all different lengths over the years, but for the past several it's been long. In fact, I just got it trimmed the other day and I feel like I suffered a tragic loss. (Clearly, I need to get a grip.)

    I'm doing my first photo-a-day challenge this month! It's something I saw on Instagram, but the prompts seem pretty doable. We'll see!

  4. Love the texture shot! Wouldn't have guessed it was a bleacher seat! And the hearts made me smile :)

  5. I've been growing my hair longer too. Your hair is lighter brown than I thought. Maybe it's the summer glow! I love your outdoor photos and of course Angel's eyes! It's hard getting close up photos of kitties since they tend to move towards the camera.

  6. The heart buttons are adorable! I've kept my hair at shoulder-length for about 5 years now and no plan on changing it ;-)
    Angel reminds me so much of Sammy, albeit a slimmer version!

  7. That's awesome that all of these photos are coming in handy for your articles & all. I can see and have said before, I think it's also helping you to improve as a photographer!

  8. I used to go back and forth between long and short hair. The older I go though the worse it looked long. Just started looking stringy so now I keep it shorter

  9. Great pictures. Of course the one of Angel is my favorite. I'm also quite fond of the one in the store.

  10. What a cool thing to do, and how very practical. Well done!!!

  11. Great photos - it is tough to get that close to the kitties. I think they like to create blur! LOL Mmmmmm - plate is making me hungry...

  12. OMG... you could be taking a pic of my desk right now. I have 2 notebooks and a small(ish) stack of scrap paper all containing lists and my attempt at staying organized. i love it. :)

  13. it's a good thing to have stock photographs! I don't photograph much outside my artwork. Unless I go on a trip! I do take the camera (I mean phone!) with me when Buster and I go for a walk... {:-D


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