Monday, July 30, 2012

Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro on Monday (7/30/12)

Welcome to another edition of the photo Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro!  Enjoy!

1) Paint
Jake got some good weather to spray paint some new models this week.  Now that they're based, he can start working on the details.

2) Green

We have finally been blessed with some rain this past week after over a month with no more than few sprinkles.  These water drops are authentic!

I'm using one of these shots for I Heart Macro this week.
studio waterstone

3) Eyelashes

4) Shapes
I'm sure that many of you recognize another version of this photo as what I use for my Saturday Link List button.  I decided to create a new version of it for this prompt.

5) Clouds
I intensified this picture of an impending brief summer storm.

Here's another less intensified cloud picture that I took later in the week.

Check out Ashley's blog to see what other people submitted for the themes this week.

Here is a weekly photo of Angel for you.  I have a couple of new ones for the monthly challenge, but I took this with my phone on Saturday.  Jake brought the Best Buy bag downstairs to work on something with my desktop computer, and of course Angel immediately claimed it when he sat down to pet her.

The Monthly Photo Challenge Update:
I did a lot of catch up with the Monthly Challenge this past week and am on track to complete all of the prompts this month.  Check out my board here: July Photo A Day Challenge.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a July wrap up post!

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  1. Great photos here - especially the second leaf one...I always marvel when folks capture water droplets like that.

  2. I really love that photo of Angel being petted ♥
    Glad you got some rain at last! Sweet buttons :)

  3. I love the rain photos...especially since we got some here as well! The intensified clouds look scary!
    Angel looks so happy getting her belly rubbed :)

  4. I have been taking photos of clouds lately. I would like to be able to do a journal page with the look but somehow it is not the same.

  5. Dear Rose, I hope you have a good week. It is supposed to rain all week here. I am looking forward. Blessings dearest. Catherine xo

  6. Awww...Angel is just purrfect. :)

  7. Woaw, fantastic clouds ! I also adore shapes, so brightful :) Thank you for passing by !

  8. Looks like the storms have given you lots of photo inspiration too!

  9. Angel is enjoying her tummy rubs from daddy! We haven't had rain in awhile so I'm finding the water droplets very pretty. After about six months of rain that we get here in the winter, I don't find them so pretty at all! :)

  10. Love the pictures of the clouds and rain. And I'm so happy the rain has finally come. It's fantastic.

  11. I always love the look of water drops on leaves.
    I remember when I had my cat if you left any kind of bag or paper laying around he was on it in a flash.

  12. Love the self portrait. Beautiful!! The green looks lovely too.

  13. The clouds look so ominous! Good capture!

  14. Jake's project will involve some pretty intricate painting--I hope we can see a photo when the pieces are done. And I'm envious of your eyelashes--mine are pretty invisible!

  15. the wet leaves are so pretty. You're macros are great! I use the macro setting for photographing artwork, but I don't think I'm really close enough... {:-D

  16. Great shots this week! I love the storm clouds and raindrops :)

  17. haha - Great photos - Angel always steals the show for me!

  18. wonderful photos! I really like the eyelash one.
    Kitties must investigate any bag or box brought into their domain, of course!
    I'm going to check out the blog linky you posted! I like that idea!


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