Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Link List: the July resource edition

Welcome to my Saturday Link List!  My resources editions primarily include resources for bloggers and crafty people with anything else that I like to throw into the mix.  Enjoy!

Thank you to Kaili for sharing this with me!

Online Photography, Illustration, and Design Classes

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Saturday Link List

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Saturday Link List

At long last, my list of saved resources is dwindling!  If you have a great blogging or crafty resource that you'd like to share, leave it in the comments.  Thanks!

Did you use one of the resources, tutorials, or recipes from my link list?  Leave me a link in the comments or send me an e-mail ( with your photos and stories.  I would love to post them here.

Stay tuned next week for the July tutorials edition!


  1. That colour scheme designer is a great tool!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I bookmarked the link from Miss Olive..Cool beans!

  3. Great post. I hopped over and read the article on blog comments and I think it should be mandatory reading for bloggers.

    I was commenting on a post recently about the author's heartbreaking story of how she had just lost her pet. Can you imagine what the comment before mine was?

    It said, "Nice blog! Be sure to stop by blog and my shop where we have great deals." She left her links.

    I thought, how RUDE! Did this person even read the post she was commenting on? I was so tempted to send her a message but I refrained.

    Cute little basket for organizing too.

  4. What a great assortment of links today Rose! Each one I was like "ooo, I need that!" so I'll be checking them out! Thanks!

  5. Great post as always! You find some really nifty resources :)

  6. Getting your home in order and keeping it that way is the one I need :) A good list of links today. I see several that I'll check out

  7. I can always use organizational tips!
    And the Google link is fun!

  8. The item I related to most this week was the one on organizing your home--probably because that's where I am at the moment: getting things put away, donated, or discarded. The suggestions were great! And I agree with the blogger that getting started is the hardest thing.


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