Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tribute to Sadieday

I'm taking a break from our regularly scheduled Saturday Link List today to post a little tribute to Sadieday.  Many of you read Sharla's BeadedTail blog and know that her Sadie recently passed away.  Everyone who reads Sharla's blog got to know Sadie very well and miss seeing her happy face every week.  One way that we got to visit with Sadie was through her Saturday Sadieday strolls around her neck of the woods.  Saturday will always be Sadieday to many of us now, and I put together my own stroll through the Milwaukee area for Sadie today.  Enjoy!

We enjoy lots of beautiful architecture and trees in our neighborhood.

We live right by a couple parks with trails and of course more trees.

We like to visit a nearby pond with swans and ducks.

Milwaukee has beautiful beaches, too.

Of course, sometimes it's just nice to relax right in your own backyard.

I hope that you enjoyed my stroll through my neck of the woods today!

Stay tuned next week for our regularly scheduled Saturday Link List with a brand new list of August recipes!


  1. How lovely of you to honor Sadie with a stroll through your neighborhood - which by the way - is quite a nice mix of urban-residential (ie: sidewalks!) and greenery...

  2. What a great post! Sadie would love knowing that you're out strolling on SadieDay :)

  3. What a special tribute to Sadie on Sadieday! Your neck of the woods is really beautiful :)

  4. What a great tribute to Sadie. She is missed.

    I love the duck crossing sign. We are on our boat this morning and there are 9 ducks that are begging for food. Sure keeps our dog Little Bit busy.

    Have a terrific weekend. :)

  5. Sweet tribute to Sadie. You're in a beautiful area and so lucky to be near beaches! Love the swan photo!

  6. What a wonderful tribute to Sadie! I know how hard it is when you have your furry family member pass.

    I've been to Milwaukee before and I loved it. It has history, charm, and breweries!

    I did enjoy your stroll...

  7. Great rememberance for Sadieday!! Love seeing "your neck of the woods"!

  8. Thank you for the lovely tribute to Sadie! She would have enjoyed strolling in your neck of the woods especially at the beach! It was fun seeing Milwaukee and I really appreciate you caring on the Sadieday tradition today!

  9. What a wonderful stroll and lovely tribute to Sadie! Beautiful photos!

  10. How sweet of you to do this! My doggies would love walking in your neck of the woods too. It looks very dog friendly!

  11. What a pretty place you live in! I know Sadie would have approved. I miss her smiling face, too.

  12. such a nice stroll! I love the big trees, and hope they stay healthy! And a beach! Lucky you. Enjoyed the stroll, and in seeing Sadie! {:-D

  13. Milwaukee is a beautiful place, and what a wonderful neighborhood you live in. Walking through your neighborhood is a great way to honor and celebrate Sadieday!
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