Wednesday, July 11, 2012

one party down...onto the next one

Jake and I are fully enjoying his new weekends off schedule and have a lot of things scheduled for this summer.  We started July with a little open house for his birthday and the end of intern year, and then I'm hosting the open house next weekend.

I made sangria for the first time.  I am planning to write up the recipe in the near future.

The sangria was part of the biggest drink selection that I've ever put together for a party.  We also had bottle/can drinks in a cooler outside.

I can blame Pinterest for giving me the inspiration to make my own cupcake toppers.  Jake got a lot of comments from people who claimed that they had no idea how old he is. :) And yes, you can see that I did use one of my favorite color combinations here.  I am also planning to write an article about how to make your own cupcake toppers in the near future.

The cupcakes were just a little part of our food selection.
Of course I took a bunch of pictures before people arrived, but did I take pictures of people enjoying the party?  Nope.  Many apologies.

We get a lot of gifts  from my father-in-law's True Value that for one reason or another can't be sold.  We got the table with 3 chairs for Jake's birthday last year.  One chair from the set was broken so we got the 3 good ones, and they also gave us the table.  Obviously 3 chairs isn't a great number.  We finally added some more to the set this year.

Two days after the party, there was still ice in the cooler, even sitting out in the heat the entire time!

I have been working on open house projects for the entire past month, but I'm in full swing now that we're down to the last week.  I will still be offering loose magnets that people can make into sets however they like, but I've been putting together some sets, too.  I know that the one on the right is upside down!

I'm going to put those sets in bags with toppers.

I have some bottle cap magnets ready to go, too.

I have a whole bunch of new items to price tag.  Does anyone else put that off until they have an upcoming show?

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Mmmmmm...Sangria and cupcakes! Can I come to the next party :)
    The magnets in bags with little toppers is a great idea!
    And yes, I leave tagging everything until the end too!

  2. Always put off price tagging (I tell myself it's because I would just have to take the tags off to photograph anyway)! lol

  3. Dear Rose, Looks like you had a nice get together for Jakes birthday. It is great to have a get together at home.
    The cupcakes look adorable and I bet the sangria was a hit.
    Looking forward to the pictures.
    You sure have a lot of projects going on that all look like they are creative and useful.
    Have a beautiful day. Blessings dearest. Catherine xo

  4. Fun cupcakes. I like to make the cupcake decorations for the kids. They are easy and quick and I get to personalize for the moment. And the sangria looks pretty.

    I put off the whole price thing. Several craft show veterans tell me to just create signs for the different items and put them next to the specific collection.

  5. Yum, Ogre's family makes the best sangria. I can't wait to see what you put in yours. It looks tasty.

  6. Adorable cupcake toppers! I'm looking forward to seeing that sangria recipe too! This week I've been getting things together for my daughter's 4th birthday party coming up next Saturday. I also blame Pinterest for making me inspired to make my own decorations!

    Blogging Buddies Team

  7. Looks like a fun party! You sure know how to put together lots of goodies! The cupcakes turned out great - I see the Funfetti in them! I'm surprised that he just turned 27 because for some reason I thought he was already 27. I just made him a year younger! :) I always put off tagging until the end.

  8. Everything looks so awesome! That sangria looks so yummy

  9. OH my to be 27 again. I have a daughter that's older than

  10. The cake toppers look great! In fact the party sounds like fun! Yep. Edi and I may just show up for your next one!
    I'm glad Jake is getting weekends off! What a relief!

  11. great news about your weekends. How fun! I've been wanting to make some magnets - will have to put that on a to-do list! What have I been up to lately? Dealing with my new newsletter. I love doing layout and design on the computer! {:-D

  12. I'm looking forward to that Sangria recipe! Looks like a good party :)

  13. It looks like a great party! I made sangria for the first time last night.

  14. You're busy as usual, Rose! Your party looks like it was a success, and I'm sure the reason you took no photos during the party itself is because you were too busy, enjoying your guests. :-)


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