Friday, February 26, 2010

first earrings for sale and a new earring design

I finally listed my first pair of earrings for sale on Etsy today! I'm only going to post the top listing picture here since you've already seen them before, but please click on the picture to check out the listing.

I am still really into all of these green shades of delicas. I will be listing the pendant with all of these shades and other pair of earrings with one of these shades over the next week. I'm still working on my next flower cuff and have two more earring ideas, too.

I photographed my newest pair of earrings today. My husband says that they remind him of the old Star Trek Starfleet logo. I was not intending this, but it is definitely true.

As mentioned before, they are made with the same combination of delicas that I used in my new ceramic donut necklace. I know that the colors look pretty different in these two photos. In most lighting, they look somewhere in between. I don't want to name them after the Starfleet logo and get in some sort of copyright trouble. However, I haven't thought of another title yet so suggestions are welcome. They can have something to do with the shape and/or colors!


  1. Well, what comes to my mind is something to do with origami (folded paper.) Maybe if you google it, you could find folded shapes with names that sort of "fit" your earring designs? they are very cool and geometric!

  2. Interesting idea! They do remind me of wings or flying. I may go with something along those lines. :)

  3. I was thinking it looked like the tip of an arrow but now I only see the Star Trek thingy!

  4. Love 'em!
    Live long & prosper :)

  5. I like the arrow idea, Sharla!
    Thanks Theresa! :)

  6. They kind of remind me of Boomarangs, too, but I definitely see the Star Fleet thing. Don't you just love doing the geometric shapes!

  7. LOL...they do remind me a little of Star Trek!
    But WAYYYYY prettier :)

  8. Yes beadsandblooms! I will definitely be experimenting with this more in the future. :)

    Haha Edi! Thanks!

  9. Wow! That's great design. I love green.. awesome. Love to see more.

    God Bless

  10. Thanks Alice! I'll leave a comment on your blog with a link to more of my pendants on Etsy. :)


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