Thursday, February 11, 2010

more earrings and experimenting with poses

I've continued to make a few more smaller green items as I work away on my next flower cuff. I'm still catching up on renewing items on Etsy and deciding what photos I'd like to use for my earrings listings so I haven't listed anything new yet. But here's a peak at what I've been doing.

I have always had more trouble photographing pendants that I have bracelets/cuff. I got inspired by my earring experiments and decided to take some hanging shots of my newest pendant.

My classic music background shots of it turned out pretty well, too, this time around and show off the vividness of the greens better. I think that a couple of each of these shots plus one with a clear glass would make a nice mix for a listing.

I have one other finished pair of green earrings, too.

I did a little hunting over the weekend for another prop for my hanging photos and came up with this lovely tea light holder at Target. I've been really into candles since this past fall so it fits in nicely with that, too. I'm sure that you can quickly figure out why else I like it as well.

I LOVE the tea light holder and will continue to use it. I'd like to find something else with a similar shape to the first candle holder that I featured in this post. Maybe a wine glass like this would work well. It just happened that this comes in green, I swear!

As always, feedback is much appreciated!


  1. The pendant looks great!
    I think I like it best on the music paper just because it stands out more. It tends to get a little lost on the decorated glass.

  2. I agree with Edi. I have to say, I really like your music paper.

  3. Thanks for the feedback ladies! I'm planning to have the music paper shot be the first one in the new earrings and pendants listings. I want to have a few other shots show how the earrings and pendants look when they hang, but I know that the clarity isn't always as good.


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