Sunday, February 21, 2010

purple or brown?

A woman from Chicago bought one of my older pieces, blue with a hint of green right angle bracelet, on Etsy today! That was such a boost. :)

I made my most recent pair of earrings with opaque pearl espresso bean delicas. The opaque and opaque matte shades of the espresso bean delicas are definitely brown. I think that the pearl finish makes them look almost purple, though. You can really see that come through in the first picture.

I used these same espresso bean delicas in my most recent creation for myself this weekend, which is a necklace with the smoke fired ceramic donut that I won from Kristie (artisanclay). I bought some very thin (1/8" wide) black grosgrain ribbon for the cord. I need to mention that I owe a lot of credit to Carol Dean for my original inspiration for this design because she's made some beautiful necklaces like this one that are very similar. I'm very pleased with the result. Kristie still has some ceramic donuts like this one available in shop if anyone is interested.

I made one more pair of earrings this weekend with the same delicas that I used in my necklace. I still need to photograph them.

While I was taking pictures today, someone decided to help me. So I took some pictures of her, too.


  1. Very fun ~ and very cute kitty =)

  2. Looks great :)
    And I love your little helper :)

  3. you do good work! Gosh, all those little beads... I love them, but get so anxious, if I'm not just stringing them!

  4. The beads look great!
    And what a super adorable kitty:)

  5. looks great! I do love the hint of purple that it gives off...very cool. Hard to name the color when the material gives off more than one :P

  6. That pendant is wonderful! Angel is adorable too!


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