Wednesday, October 28, 2009

completion of my international order and button trade, new listing

One of the bracelets that my first international buyer ordered was my Valentine's Day button charm bracelet. I sold the original during the spring so I put together a new one for her. I snapped a picture of it before I packed everything up.

I made another one to list as well. I am going to wait until I can take some outside or natural light pictures of the new one before I relist it on Etsy.

I uploaded the pictures of my button trade with Kelly tonight. Here's a picture of my full stash.
Ever since I saw my dad's parents back in August, I've been searching for maroon beads and buttons. My grandpa is a professor at Texas A&M, whose colors are maroon and white. I'd like to make a few A&M items that my grandma can sell or give as gifts to friends. Maroon is VERY hard to find, though! Kelly was so nice to go pull some maroon buttons for me, which is why those are all separated. I am also so excited about all of the SMALL buttons in the mix. They'll be perfect for button embellished right angle bracelets.

I also took a picture of just a few of my favorites.

Finally, Kelly attached this neat vintage fish button to the card that she included in my package. How cute is this?!
Thanks again, Kelly! :)

And now: my new listing for today: my newest wrapped skinny peyote cuff.
I'm thinking about a blue gold-accented wrapped cuff next. As always, I'm open to suggestions!


  1. really like that first picture the red stands out really well.

  2. The Valentine's Day charm bracelet is so pretty! Love the cute little fish button on the card from Kelly!

  3. Oh Rose, I love that skinny yellow bracelet!! Sorry it took me so long to respond :) I'm such a slacker lately. Hope you are doing fantastically *smiles*

  4. Thanks Kelly! No prob. :) I'm flattered that you took the time to look through my past posts haha. I am doing well thanks! :) Hope that life is treating you nicely, too.


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