Saturday, October 17, 2009

fall gold remake and other recent happenings

I recently updated my fall gold right angle bracelet listing with two new versions of it. Both versions now have button clasps. (Previous versions had beaded clasp.)

I also sold the longer of my two rainbow button embellished right angle bracelets. The shorter one is still available here. :)

I have finished a few other pieces this week as well, including a custom order for one of Jake's med school classmates. I braved taking some pictures inside with natural daylight during the week. If the cold, cloudy weather continues I may be forced to do the same thing today, too. I think that it will work out okay, though.


  1. i love the fall leaf magnets - so cute and rustic. fall is the prettiest season!

  2. Blockpartypress has so many cute magnets (as well as other items). Fall definitely has some of the best colors. :)


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