Sunday, October 4, 2009

new listing, success with pictures

It was a gorgeous, sunny day here. It's really starting to feel like fall. I was finally able to take some pictures outside, including the ones in this listing.

I love turquoise and red. I can't believe that it's taken me this long to make another piece with that color combination.

I also got thinking about turquoise and red this week because Carol Dean of Sand Fibers started a new Flickr group called Beadwoven Beauties. When she asked me to join, she left me a comment about the group with this picture. Complete coincidence, although I know that she does love turquoise. I am honored that she asked me. For those of you who are fellow bead weavers, I highly encourage you to join the group. The submissions have been amazing so far.

I have been encouraged by how many hits my newest listings have received since I joined Twitter and started posting there about my new items. Hopefully that will continue. :)

I made a few purchases on Etsy this weekend, including a few of the items that I posted about recently. I will post more about them as they start arriving. I'm sure that I won't be disappointed!

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