Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Happy Halloween everyone!

I took advantage of Carol Dean's (SandFibers) Two for One Patterns Deal that she has going on right now. I was planning to buy one of the patterns as little treat for myself after conferences next week. So I went ahead and did it now. There is no way that I will be beading either pattern before then anyway. I got the Red Bargello Ribbon Peyote Cuff pattern and then the Imitation of Disco Dots Peyote Cuff pattern for my freebie. As most of you know by now, I am a huge fan of Carol's work and am excited to try her patterns for myself. I also helped her reach her goal of 100 sales for the month of October. Congrats Carol!

I listed my newest rock garden bracelet today.
I thought about making another purple one since I decided to keep the original purple. I didn't have quite enough of that assortment, though, so I mixed what I did have with blue. I'm thinking about making a jade garden next. I'd also like to make a pink/red or a yellow/orange one sometime as well.

I completed four remakes of old designs this week. The natural light was beautiful today, and I really got some good shots. I'm looking forward to editing those pictures later this weekend.


  1. Oh I'm with you...big fan of Carol Dean's!! Now I'm going to have to go and check out her deal. Which means I'll have to buy more seed beads...oh man it is so hard when you are a beadaholic!! As I KNOW you know.

    Love your new bracelet too :)

  2. I think I actually have enough of red, blue, and green right now that I could make a bargello cuff in either one. I will probably start with that pattern. I haven't thought about what colors I'd like to use for the disco dots yet. Let me know if you end up buying any patterns. :)

    Thank you!


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