Friday, March 19, 2010

buttons and continued orange

Thank you to everyone who left me positive comments about my last post. I still feel a little down, but overall today was a much better day than yesterday was. And now it's the weekend, which always helps, right?

Tonight I finally edited my button pictures from last weekend. Here's a sneak peak at one of my two newest button pieces. This is one of the first pictures that I took outdoors in 2010!

Continuing the orange theme from yesterday, here are a few orange pieces from fellow Etsians whom I chatted with tonight.

Sea Glass Marble Necklace by akkricket

16 inch strand of orange puff beads from MHaynes2009

Cranberry Marmalade Handmade Three Butter Soap by HeathensHearth

Celebration Clippies by expression2009


  1. Thanks for including my sea marble necklace. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. How pretty! You're right, too--Orange is underrated, and FUN.

    PS Glad you're feeling better tonight!

  3. great picks! And I love your buttons piece. I just love buttons...period! {:-D

  4. Your buttons piece looks so pretty! (I do like how you photograph your pieces on sheets of music.--very classy!)

  5. Thank you everyone! :) (I really appreciate that compliment, Margaret!)

  6. I love your button piece! The photo is wonderful! Great features too!

  7. fab photo! I just love your pics :)

    great finds too

  8. Your button piece turned out great! And I love the sea marble!


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