Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March EBW Challenge

I completely forgot to mention yesterday that the March EBW Challenge A Fairy Tale is now up and running! You can vote for your favorite piece on the EBW blog between now and March 15. Scroll down to see all of the entries. The voting bar is on the right side of the page. As always, the entries are stunning! (And no, I don't have an entry in this challenge although I would still like to make a piece suited for Belle from Beauty and the Beast sometime.)

A thunderstorm is moving in here so I'm shutting down the computer for now. I may be around later tonight. If not, I will be again tomorrow. :)

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  1. Rose, I am nominating you for the Sunshine blog award. You have always been very supportive and I appreciate it. Please visit my Blog to see the nomination:


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