Thursday, March 11, 2010

purple pearl earrings, another new book, and some rearranging

I listed my purple purple earrings tonight that I blogged about in my purple or brown? post.

I still think that these opaque pearl espresso bean delicas are awesome! I haven't gotten enough of them yet. Also, my March deal still stands: Purchase anything in my shop and take 50% off any pendant or pair of earrings. If you don't see a pendant or pair of earrings in a color combination or size that you like, I'm happy to create a custom listing for you.

I found another great beading book at the library this week. This time it's The Beaded Garden: Creating Flowers with Bead and Thread by Diane Fitzgerald. I think I'd seen it there before but was honestly too intimidated to check it out. Not anymore! It has amazing projects with great directions (much better directions than either of the books that I blogged about earlier this week). I'm certainly not up to attempting all of them (yet), but there are several that I am dying to try. The book has also inspired me to attempt herringbone stitch sometime because there are a lot of great herringbone projects in it.

As I mentioned earlier this week, we got a few new pieces of furniture from IKEA last month. We also got a new couch (a real couch) earlier this year when my college futon bit the dust. I can't believe how much our living room has come together.

Here's the couch. I can't believe I hadn't taken any pictures of it before. The pillows (there are 6 altogether) came with it. And yes, that's Kermit hanging out on the end. I love how the dark wood frame matches our coffee table.

I got a couple of smaller bookcases to replace my old wire CD racks. I had more CDs than fit in those two racks and was ready for a system that was easier to rearrange. (And yes, that is one of several Christmas light strands that is hanging up inside. They've become a year round fixture.)

Finally, we got another computer desk. What is now my computer (the older of the two, which used to be Jake's until we got the new one almost a year ago) used to be on one of those little adjustable plastic tables that you can get at Menard's. It actually worked a lot better than you would think it would. I'm certainly glad for the upgrade, though. Yes, there are two of us and two computers. You can probably understand why from looking at this picture.

I'm also sure that you can tell from looking at these pictures how much our hobby stuff takes over our living room. We have enough storage space for it in our second bedroom, but things end up migrating to the living room because that's where we do most of our work. :)


  1. pretty earrings!
    getting new stuff can be such fun!
    I certainly do understand how crafty stuff migrates to other rooms of the house.

  2. I love those new earrings! So pretty! Isn't if fun to get new furniture? My crafty stuff spends most of its time on the dining room table. I need to find a crafty space I guess.

  3. Thanks Margaret and Sharla! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is guilty of craft migration. :)

  4. Cute earrings!
    And congrats on all the new furniture :)
    I think every crafter has supplies scatter around the house...I can never seem to keep mine in their room either...LOL!

  5. Love the side by side!

    ANd what a great couch...I need one soon. i keep hoping my futon dies 9sorry futon)'s my 'pregnancy bed rest' futon as opposed to my college one, but still makes me feel like I like in an old, but larger, dorm :P

  6. *smiles* When I was calculating the space of my home office for 2009 (since we moved in 2009 it changed), my husband said, "Does that corner of the dining room table & that love seat count in your calculation? What about the entry way table?" Haha!! Yes, we are all guilty of craft migration!!

    Love your new earrings :)

  7. Thanks ladies! :) Again, I'm glad that I'm not the only one with this issue!


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