Thursday, March 25, 2010

reaching the end of the green? for now anyway...

I listed my final pair of green earrings, for now anyway. These are sparkling green peyote bead earrings.

I have a pair of beaded beads very similar to the ones that I used for these earrings that I'll be listing sometime next week. That's the last very green item that I've completed, for now! I've had a lot of fun with the green, and I hope that others have enjoyed seeing so much of it.

Michelle (pardalote) was so inspired by my flying in lime and kelly earrings that she decided to give peyote triangles a shot this week. You can check out her post about that here. She included another pair of green earrings that I sold a couple weeks ago in another triangle post today, too, which you can check out here. Thanks, Michelle! I'm glad that you're having so much fun with triangles. :)

Also on the subject of triangles, I made my first 3D peyote triangle (something like this) last night! I'm so excited about it. Pictures and more 3D triangles coming soon.


  1. pretty green! and the 3D triangles are very cool!

  2. Thank you Margaret and Theresa! :)

  3. So now that we've reached the end of green - what's next?

  4. Good question Ruthie! I'm still having fun with neutrals. Otherwise no specific color fixations for now.

  5. I've started my third pair of triangle earrings now! Ah, what sweet fun this all is :-) Thanks for linking to my initial humble efforts!


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