Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Head Back to School With a Handmade Duck Tape® Pencil Pouch!

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Did you know that you can buy Duck Tape at Walmart? If you haven't already added it to your back to school list, it's not too late. Duck Tape® is available in multiple colors, prints, and sizes including MLB, NFL, college logos, and glow in the dark. There is something for everyone. As it is readily available and affordable, you have no reason not to pick up a few rolls the next time you're at Walmart.

Duck Tape® is perfect for creating, decorating, and embellishing virtually any type of school supply. Teachers, students, and parents will have no problem finding numerous uses for their tape. A young child might like a custom name plate for a desk or cubby. Teenagers may enjoy covering their books in brown paper bags and decorating them with Duck Tape®. Customized Duck Tape® mirrors are another popular options for teenagers. As a parent, consider making a back to school teacher gift with Duck Tape® to send with your child on the first day of school, such as a Duck Tape® flower bouquet.

There are even educational purposes for Duck Tape®. Teachers and parents can create any number of different teaching tools such as colorful learning walls. Once you get in the habit of making materials with Duck Tape®, the ideas will start flowing. Before you know it, you'll have more ideas than time.

One of the popular, versatile back to school Duck Tape® items to make these days is a pencil pouch. Kindergarteners to college students can use pencil pouches for writing utensils and any number of other small school supplies. The following photo and tutorial are from instructables.com


  • 1 gallon-size slider-style storage bag (i.e. Ziplock)
  • Duck Tape® in the color(s) and/or pattern(s) of your choosing
  • Plastic cutting mat (optional)
  • Foot long ruler
  • 1 marker
  • Scissors
  • Three-hole or single hole punch


  1. Measure and cut 3 inches off the bottom edge of the storage bag. Discard the cut off piece.
  2. Measure and cut 5 pieces of tape each 10 1/2 inches long.
  3. Starting at the upper edge, attach one 10 1/2 inch piece of tape over the plastic. Stick it down. Repeat with three more pieces, overlapping the edges a little bit in order to cover the bag completely. Overlap the bottom edge of the final piece and press to the opposite side.
  4. Turn the bag over. Cut 4 pieces of tape each 12 inches long. Begin in the same fashion as the first side except fold the extra length on each side (approximately 1/2 inch on each side) to the already covered side.
  5. After you have completely covered the bag with tape, reinforce the sides and bottom edge. In order to do this, cut 2 pieces of tape each 7 3/4 inches long. Press half of the tape on one side, covering any uneven edges and turn the excess to the opposite side. Repeat on the other end. For the bottom edge, cut another piece of tape 10 1/2 inches long. Attach half of it to one side and fold the rest to cover the other side.
  6. If you will be putting your pouch in a binder, use a three-hole or single hole punch along the bottom edge. If you are using a single hole punch, trace holes in the appropriate areas to ensure accurate punches.

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  1. I love all the fun Duct Tapes! My daughter's friend makes the cutest hair bows with it!


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