Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Color Combination Inspiration, Round 2

I have another great round of color combinations to share with you today. I hope that you're able to find something here that sparks a new idea of some sort for your creative endeavors. As always, I've done my best to mix up the subjects that I feature. You can pull color combinations from any source for literally any type of creative project. Click on the photos to visit the original sources. Enjoy!

Aqua / Maroon from Sharla

Orange / Green from Sharla

Coral / Navy from Cassy

Olive / Beige from Cassy

Burgundy / Gray from Cassy

Purple / Green from Judy

Let's Keep It Going!
What color combinations are you loving right now? Have you experimented with any new color combinations recently?


  1. Love the aqua/maroon and burgundy/grey. My current favourite is rose gold and grey!

  2. Ohh - orange and green - Niiice! How about nacy blue and yellow?

  3. Okay - that was NAVY blue and yellow. Hard to type with a cat draped over my arm...

  4. Wow - I have some fabric almost like the purple and green. Hmmmm.... how about forrest green and peach?

  5. I love the aqua/ maroon combination, it is so dramatic! My favorite right now is teal/ green, I think it's so creative and inspiring!

  6. Beautiful finds! I really like the last one with the purple and grey. I've been mixing metals recently and using copper and silver together.

  7. I love the first photo, the aqua and maroon are a great color combination, a color combination I would have never thought of. Nice finds, and color combination.
    Everyday Inspired

  8. great color combos. Some of my favorites! {:-D

  9. How did I miss this?! These are my favorite!

    I loved the coral and navy. Maybe another one of those? And how about... Slate blue and yellow!


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