Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September Color Combination Inspiration, Round 1: Special Gray Edition

I'm mixing things up for my first color combination post this month and putting together a special gray edition. Lately I've been fascinated with gray paired with virtually any other color and thought that it would be a fun feature. Apparently great minds think alike because I got a bunch of great combination suggestions with gray during the last round. I'm including all of those combinations and featuring a few of my own as well. For those of you who made non-gray suggestions during the last round, I'll pick them up for September Round 2. Enjoy!

Gray / Red

Gray / Orange

Gray / Yellow

Gray / Mint from Cassy

Gray / Turquoise from Grace

Gray / Purple

Gray / White / Pink from Edi

Gray / Taupe from Natasha
Let's Keep It Going!
What color combinations are you loving right now? Have you experimented with any new color combinations recently?


  1. wonderful combos! I have done quite a few combos in my polyvore sets, with grey I have done, Mint-Grey, Red-Grey and Burgundy-Grey.

  2. I'm just lovin' grey for some reason. How about orange and green for Fall?

  3. I've always liked grey and red, but that mustard yellow with it really pops!

  4. I never think of using gray but it sure goes with lots of things. Love your picks!

  5. It's amazing! I love it. Have to remember to use gray instead of white! {:-D

  6. That grey and mint pillow is really pretty! I like your new twist on the color combo post.

  7. I agree...I'm loving gray these days too! It's great paired with every color!

  8. Let's hope this gray trend sticks around for a while. :-) I really like the tote in the first picture.

  9. I love the grey and mint! And I also love any shade of grey for clothing :)


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