Thursday, September 5, 2013

P is for Piano

Are you ready for another round of Alphabe Thursday? Let's go!

Today I'm featuring one of my favorite instruments: the piano. Most people don't know that I can play the piano. I've been playing since I was little. I don't a lot these days, but it remains one of my favorite instruments. I love to hear piano in everything from classical to jazz to rock music. As such, I'm sure that it's not a surprise that I also enjoy photographing pianos and people playing pianos and keyboards.

my brother, July 2005
 I'm starting this Alphabe Thursday post with another old photo. Really old. One of the first digital photos I ever posted online. I took this photo of my brother for a newspaper announcement about a concert.

Forest Home Cemetery's Chapel, June 2013
They have a Steinway. Rock on.

Old World Wisconsin, July 2013

Mark Glatzel of I'm Not a Pilot, Lakefront Festival of Art, June 2013

My Brother With Hood Smoke at Summerfest 2013, June

My Brother With Hood Smoke at Our Dad's 60th Birthday Party, July 2013

Mark Glatzel of I'm Not a Pilot, Sounds of Summer in Whitefish Bay, August 2013

I have one more set each of Hood Smoke and I'm Not a Pilot from this summer that I haven't edited yet. Crazy, right? Jake and I were so blessed to hear such a wealth of live music this summer. It was amazing getting to photograph some of these events as well.

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  1. The piano is my favourite instrument too! I had to sell mine when I moved to Germany, as it was way too costly to transport. I miss it though.
    I love the carved edge of the Old World piano!

  2. Dear Rose, I love the piano too. I started playing when I was a little girl too. I have good memories of playing piano with my Dad; though I don't play much at all anymore. It is funny how time doesn't allow for many things anymore. It is a reminder to try to find some time.
    Blessings dear and hugs, Catherine xo

  3. That carved piano is a beauty! We have a piano that belonged to my mother-in-law -- she played both piano and organ. My husband is the only one who plays in our family, and that's really only a few songs!

  4. Very beautiful pianos! I wish I could play. I started lessons as a child, but never finished. This is one of my life's regrets. Great 'P' post!

  5. I wish I can play the piano but I'm glad other people can share them music. I've always like the song 'moonlight sonata' especially when play with the piano.

    those are pretty piano photos, thanks for sharing. hope you have a sweet day.

  6. We had a piano when I was little and I even took lessons to play it but not so sure I could today. Great round up of photos Rose! You and Jake have been blessed with many things and I couldn't be happier for you both!

  7. A Pitch Perfect Post♫♪ My kids all play and my son just bought a Grand Piano for his new home. My P:

  8. Lovely piano shots! Now I need to listen to some Billy Joel or Elton John!

  9. I played the piano when I was growing up, even got a piano when I was an adult. But didn't play too much. Needed to practice more for anything to sound good. But you know how that is! Love the wood of the color "Old World Wisconsin" photo! {:-D

  10. Haven't had a piano in years -- in spite of 12 years of lessons and lots of recitals. These pics make me long to have one again.

  11. I tried to start my Mom on piano lessons after her stroke, having heard that often, though a stroke takes speech, it doesn't take music. As she had never played before, it was too complicated for her. But, she loved listening when I took her to my lessons.

  12. I have been known to play the piano from time to time...

    I really love all of these photographs...

    It looks like your summer was packed full of partying... (((winkwink)))

    Perfect post for the letter "P"!

    Thanks for linking.



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