Thursday, August 18, 2011

a few more peeks this week

I have pictures of a few more things that I've been working on this week.

Do you remember the champagne mix that I had in my last in the works post?  This is one of the things that I've been doing with them.
I bought the stone focals back in Iowa with plans to make some of these for sale this summer.  Obviously that didn't happen.  Making my design team piece for my inspired to work with this design again.  I have five of the focals so I'm going to go ahead and make the whole set.  I may list it for the holidays anyway.  If anyone wants to jump on one now, let me know.

As part of my overhaul for made to order pieces, I'm making a new version of this piece.  I know that those listing pictures are pretty good, but I still want to eliminate as many made to order listings as possible.  And I love this design and color combination, so how could I not want to make another piece like that?

Finally, in my fun with beaded bails lately, I have gotten inspired to redo my Kristie Roeder ceramic donut piece from a couple years ago.  You can see the original version in this hub.  (Kristie has one more donut like this available here if anyone is interested in making their own.)  I love the donut and the colors that I paired with it, but the bail is way too small.  A really skinny ribbon barely fits through the hole.  I have a hard time tearing apart projects right after I've made them, but it's easier to do when I come back to them later.
I know that there are almost no brown delicas left, but I only need few more to make the expansion.

A final note:
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  1. That necklace is very elegant. Classy!

  2. I love the piece that you made for the challenge! If I don't have some of those donuts/pieces from the same shop that I have yet to use, then from another seller that has the same items.

    Isn't it nice to not have to go to work everyday!!!

  3. Those beaded bails are just so creative! They'd be great in so many color combos!

  4. Lovely creations! The colors are so soft - could be worn with almost anything.

  5. I like those necklaces with the donut pendants! You always pick such great color combinations!

  6. oh my goodness.. you are amazing! They are beautiful!

  7. I really like the triangular shape with the round focal!

  8. Thanks so much everyone!

    Re, yes for sure. I don't miss it at all and am still super busy every day.


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