Thursday, August 4, 2011

what I've been working this week

Here are a few peeks at what I've been working on this past week.  I finished my September EBW Challenge piece.  I'm not going to list it until the August challenge is over so I'm giving you guys a peek at it now.

You can read my first post about this challenge here.  I love how my yellow brick road turned out.  In the future, I would use accent beads that are a little smaller because it got pretty tight at the end.  But I love the overall look.  And you can see my little paw charm from Sharla for the lion.  I'll have more details about this piece when I list it later this month.

I used all of the yellow millefiori beads that I got for the yellow brick road, but I had some green beads left over.

So I made a simple green bracelet with them.  I love this little Emerald City piece so much that I decided I could make another one.  I'll list it sometime later this month, too.  If you'd like to reserve the challenge piece or this little one, let me know.

After I finished with the green, I switched color palettes completely and moved over to pastels.  I picked these beads out months ago with the intent of making pastel striped triangle earrings with a design similar to this.  I haven't sold any triangle earrings in a really long time, so I haven't found the motivation to make new ones.  But I got inspired to work with delicas again after my tubular herringbone rope so I got them out.
I'm making a tubular herringbone rope bracelet first, but I may get inspired to work up some earrings after that, too.

Finally, here are the buttons that I have picked out for my next round of button stud earrings.

Also, I'm still trying to come up with a name for my design team piece so I can list it.  Any and all suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks!


  1. Gorgeous colors!!! Have to tell you everytime I open your blog with your new strawberry piece in the banner it takes my breath away! The colors are so vivid!

  2. Lovely pieces! I am anxious to see your pastel trianle earrings as I am into geometrics!


  3. Your yellow brick road is so bright, like the movie. Beautiful!

  4. What fun projects! Beading is like scrapbooking in that you can play with all different colors!

  5. I love your yellow brick road piece! I'm from Kansas so I should huh? I also like how the paw charm looks on it too!

    Those pastels are very pretty!

  6. cute idea for the Wizard of Oz. I know what you mean about not having motivation after a standstill... {:-D

  7. Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! I'll be sure to post my new pastel pieces.


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