Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Feature: random

Welcome to the August random edition of my Friday feature.  Before I get to the items, I want to follow up on a couple things from earlier this week.

1) Thanks for all of your feedback about my disclaimer post.  Your encouragement really means a lot to me.  When things like this happen, I usually second guess my own actions.  It's good to know that so many people believe that I did the right thing.  Your feedback has also encouraged me to start including a set of care instructions in my packages, especially for my beadwoven pieces.
2) I seriously cannot believe that I have been writing "peaks" when I meant "peeks" on this blog for the last couple years.  I HATE grammatical errors and will not be making this particular mistake anymore.  I apologize if this bothered anyone.  So sorry!

Moving onto the features for this week...enjoy!

There are so many things that I love about this piece.  The color combination is amazing.  I love the mix of neutrals and metallics.  I also love the little bits of detail.  And it's sized for a small wrist!  Etsy is one of the few places I've seen where people consistently offer smaller sized jewelry.
circle of gems x-small bracelet set-silver and gold by tamarascottdesigns

Of course I had to include some buttons.  These are blue and striped, so what's not to love?
Polymer clay hand made unique blueberry buttons 4 pcs. by visart

Another button item!  These are so adorable with the buttons paired with vintage music paper.  She has lots of other button scrapbook embellishments in her shop, too.
Mini Doily Button embellishments in Candy colors by ScrappingArt

I've shown some of Beth's items here before so you may have checked out her resin bangles.  She does amazing work.  This is one of her newest ones.
stages of the moon - translucent resin bangle (SCIENCE) - MADE to ORDER by bethtastic

Of course I had to include some beads.
Copper Bronze... by blueseraphim

And some more beads.  These would be an awesome component for my rock garden bracelets.
6mm Matte Opaque Raspberry Swirl Czech Glass Beads from beadsandbabble

I found this while I was browsing patterns for some of my newest hubs.  It doesn't fit anything that I'm writing about over there right now, but it is still amazing.
Stairway to H / beaded bracelet / PDF file by mariposa8000


  1. What great finds! I love the moon bangle - I'm a big astronomy fan.

  2. Love the button scrapbook embellishments :)


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