Monday, August 15, 2011

turquoise and red is back, and I finally named my purple donut piece

I actually put this first bracelet together back when I made my most recent turquoise and red button charm bracelet.  It keeps getting lost in the jumble of challenge pieces and other recent happenings, but I finally got it photographed and listed.

It's available here.  I haven't made a lot of these simple bracelets mostly because my shop is based around more intricate beadwork and button bracelets.  But they have done pretty well.  I've sold a few in an blue/green and purple/pink.  Obviously I love the turquoise/red color combination so how could I resist making one in this combination?  Hopefully others will like it, too.

I also listed my purple donut design team piece this week.  Naming pieces is not my favorite part of running an Etsy shop.  Back when I did fiction writing, naming my stories was almost always the last thing that I did.  I had a particularly hard time naming this piece, which is why I didn't list it sooner.
It's available here.  I ended up naming it When Purple Meets Champagne, which was a complete late night inspiration out of nowhere.  I felt that it was appropriate because choosing champagne as the neutral was such a key part of making this piece.  I already gave a lot of information about this piece in my reveal post so I won't go into any of that again.

Remember my pastel delicas?  They are now a lovely tubular herringbone bracelet.  I definitely enjoyed working with tubular herringbone again.  I'm planning to make some more of them for Christmas presents this year, as no one has anything like that from me yet.  If you have a color combination that you'd like to see, let me know.  And yes, I am already planning to make one in purples!


  1. Wow, the purple donut is uniquely designed! Inspiration usually hits me just before bed time :)
    The turquoise/red colour combination seems very popular, both for jewelry and fabrics!

  2. I think it's great to have both simple and intricate designs. And several price points...something for everyone :)
    Your new name is perfect!

  3. Fantastic torquose and red together!
    I also like the necklace very much!

  4. What does a tubular herringbone bracelet look like?

  5. I like both those pieces and the name of your purple necklace! I'm not good at picking names either and now I wonder if it's worth doing with the new search terms.

  6. You are sooo talented!!! I love your work. I love the red and turquoise. Turquoise was the thing in the 70's. I guess I am dating myself. I do love turquoise though. Thank you for the visit and leaving a nice comment. Blessings, Catherine xo

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Edi, I agree.

    Sharla, I know what you mean. I haven't completely made up my mind about that yet.


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