Tuesday, August 2, 2011

newest modern leafy design and a simple ocean bracelet

In between working on my August challenge entry and Kristie's design team piece, I've gotten a few more listings together.

It's available here.  Do you remember this leafy custom order?  I completed this bracelet while I still had that color palette going.  The custom one had purple leaves, which I left out.  I added more brown, too.  My original modern design from a couple years ago had neutral rounds, but I went with purple and green for this one, which I love.  It adds just the right pop of color.  I have a lot more leaf beads left in this color set so if you'd like a custom length, let me know.

I also listed this simple bracelet this past week.

It's available here.  I took the second picture just for you guys, in case you didn't already know how much I love turquoise.  I created this bracelet after I made my June challenge piece.  I love these simple bracelets.  I've said this before, but I keep making them because I love wearing them.  I hope that they start selling a little better at some point.  Otherwise I'll just have to make them for myself I suppose.


  1. Hi Rose!

    the leafy bracelet has a wonderful mix of colours in it. It's good to know you customize the length of your bracelets!

  2. Another beautiful accessory Rose, where do you find the time? LOL

    I like the photo of the bracelet on your arm like that.

  3. I love the colors you used for those bracelets! That leafy one is really pretty!

  4. Keep that color coming! When I saw your first piece it reminded me that the fall is soon beginning. I do love fall, but the colors depress me. I think your work is lovely, and I've always loved how you're not afraid of color!

  5. your new leafy design is so nice. Reminds me of fall! {:-D

  6. Your simple bracelet has such pretty summery colors!

  7. Love the first bracelet, the best...

  8. Thanks so much everyone!

    Duni, I offer customization as much as possible.

    A lot of people have commented on the fall colors in my newest leafy piece. I'm definitely not ready for all either...


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