Sunday, August 28, 2011

EtsyBloggers Carnival: back to school fashion

Treasury round up will return next week.  I wasn't able to collect treasuries while I was out of town this week, but I'll gather them up and post everything next week.

One of the current EtsyBlogger Carnival topics is to talk about back to school fashions from my shop.  With a jewelry shop, there are tons of different options for back to school.  Of course pieces with fall colors are always a good choice.  (Click on the photos for the listings.)

Search fall in my shop for a few additional pieces.

I also be listing these sometime next month. (Yes, listing a seasonal piece in the correct season!)

Another fun consideration for a lot of the skinnier pieces in my shop is layering.  I know that this is not everyone's style, but I have always enjoyed stacking several bracelets together.

A lot of my narrower right angle weave bracelets are perfect for this.

Browse my right angle weave section for more choices.  There is no end of possibilities for different color combinations, themes, textures, styles, etc.

Does anyone else enjoy layering their bracelets?  I would love to see your techniques for this.


  1. The bracelets are ALL marvelous. And no, I never layer bracelets, or necklaces either for that matter.

  2. Those stacking bracelets would be perfect for school girls! And your other beauties would be great for college girls that also have jobs that need to look dressed up :)

  3. the dagger necklace is beautiful. I'd like to see that on a model - it must be magnificent. Loving all the fall colors too. {:-D

  4. Love the purple right angle bracelet! You always show off your creations in the best light.

  5. Your fall colors items are great! I love the woven leaves! My favorite colors are blue and green. I do think stacking bracelets is fun to do.

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    Edi, I agree about the bracelet looks.

    Deb, it's a bracelet. You can see what it looks like modeled in the listing.

    Thanks, Erika!!

    Margaret, I'm glad that I'm not the only one.


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