Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Feature: coconut

I cannot believe that I have not done a coconut feature here.  Coconut is one of my favorite foods and smells.  I've been making this dessert on a regular basis for the last 5 years.  (Stay tuned for a picture of my latest batch of it next week.)  I use walnuts and a mixture of semi-sweet chocolate and peanut butter chips.  I thought that this would be a nice final reminder of summer as we get into the later part of August.  I am already thinking about fall and Christmas items and promotions for my shop, but I'm not quite ready for the fall scents yet.  Enjoy!

Tropical Coconut Soap Handmade Cold Process, Vegan Friendly by Blushie

Sample - Creamy Coconut Lust Salt Scrub by thesoapseduction

Creamy Coconut Super Votive set of Four by gelDlights

8 oz. hand/body lotion - coconut and vanilla by Taromas

Moist Coconut Macaroons by dazycakesbakery

Virgin Unrefined 100% Pure Coconut Oil - 4 oz. by concept3c

MANDARIN COCONUT Body Mist Spray - 2 oz by TenDigitCreations


  1. I love coconut too so I'm enjoying your features! I'll have to check out that recipe too!

  2. OoOoOolala! We frequently use coconut oil and coconut milk for cooking and such. Its so good for you! Great feature items.

  3. Very nice! I love coconut any way I can get it. And, coconut oil is great for your skin. Thanks for including our Body Mist. Ken & Amber

  4. What a great write up! Glad to see someone talking about chemical-free skin care! It's invaluable.

  5. I loooove coconut! Thanks for featuring my little scrubbies:D

  6. To everyone who was included, you're very welcome! Thanks for all of the feedback. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who enjoys coconut.


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