Monday, August 22, 2011

photo re-shoots

Some of you may remember how in my looking at how I got where I am today post, I talked about how I took new photos of most of my inventory last summer.  Thankfully most of those photos have held up pretty well, and I haven't had to do too many re-shoots since I started using my light box.  However, there are a handful of items that have slipped through the cracks.  There are a few newer items that need a couple new shots, too.  For example, when I started using the light box, I had no idea how to set up good camera angles for my earrings.

So I've been using this slower summer time to take a few new photos.  This is a slightly tedious process.  I know that most of us would rather be making and photographing new items.  However, continual shop improvement is so important on Etsy.  I get frustrated when I see successful shops that simply refuse to update photos, especially for made to order items.  If you make a new one, take some new pictures.

I'm also really hoping for a very good 2011 holiday season.  I've built up a ton of new followers this past year and received a number of comments from people who are eying particular items with gift ideas in mind.  I want to do everything that I can to have a great shop ready for those shoppers who will be here before we know it.

Here are a few of my recent re-shoots.

Some pieces are much harder to photograph than others.  I'm still not totally sure what to do with these little daggers to show their full effect.  I did include one photo in this listing with me modeling it on my arm, which should help because the daggers hang much better that way.

This was one that I already did a re-shoot for in the light box, but I did it before I got my gray backdrop.  The music was a little distracting, and the white was too harsh for all of the neutral colors.  This is a piece that might actually do better against a colored backdrop, but this is still better than the previous shots.


  1. You make such beautiful jewelry, I don't think you are doing it justice. To be honest, from a casual viewer's POV - the grey background is not helping - and the fact that it is textured makes it even more distracting.

  2. Your photos just get better and better! And all the treasuries you've been in prove it :)
    This is one area where I always need to improve. Some of mine have gotten better since I've learned to use Levels in Photoshop, but they're still a long way from great!

  3. You inspired to dig out the light box and work on learning how to use it! Opened a must better shop (IMHO), and only include updated photos now.

    Enjoy DC!

  4. great pics! I do think using a "model" for one of your etsy views is a good idea for jewelry, bags and clothing. Maybe not so much for journals... {:-D

  5. I think jewelry is soooo hard to photograph. Yours is lovely! I like the grey behind some of them, but the lovely grey earings look a little lost.

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    Edi, I do all of my editing with Picasa. I would love to learn Photoshop.

    Re, your new photos are looking better! Good luck.

    Deb, I agree about using a "model."

    Kathleen, it is so tough to find a good color to coordinate with those earrings. I think this is my third attempt at photographing them...


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