Wednesday, August 10, 2011

update: house organization

I took a few more pictures of things that we've been working on around the house lately.  Enjoy!

One of our fans had a snapped blade.  Of course we didn't realize this until we moved in or we would have pushed for a replacement one in the contract.  We bought a new one, which my father-in-law helped Jake install.  The fan worked, but the lights didn't.  For now we have no lights or fan.  We bought another one, but we're waiting until my father-in-law can come back up to help us with it.

I promised that I would share a couple more pictures of my china after I finished unpacking all of the plates and bowls.  Yes, there is a lot!  My cousin has the same pattern so we could throw a huge party if we ever wanted.  As it is, Jake and I can serve 14 people.  I have no idea what the little covered piece in the front of the second shot is or why I have two of them.

Also, as I mentioned in the last house update post, I ordered new chair cushions for our dining room table.  I am really happy with them.  I had a very hard time finding something that I liked in a size that would fit these chairs.  The size works pretty well and the color is perfect in the dining room.  Jake likes them, too.

We have central air, but it doesn't cut it upstairs, so we installed a window air conditioner.  So the new cool air doesn't travel right back downstairs we put the door back on the bottom of the second floor staircase.  A few doors in the house were taken off and put down the basement at some point.  They're all in great shape.

Finally, those of you who are friends with me on Facebook might remember my final shot of our fridge in Iowa before we listed our condo and I had to take all of my photos down.  This was really sad as I love all of my kitchen photos.  They were not my first priority when we moved in, but of course I did get them up again.  I didn't put everything up from before and put a new photos up like the photos from Match Day that never made it on the old one.  Also, you'll notice that I can put photos on the side, too!

Of course I had to include a picture of Angel, too.  Yes, we are allowed to sit on the coach with her.

There are still lots of things that we're doing around the house so I will probably have another one of these updates later this month or sometime next month.


  1. You're getting there! Pretty sure two domed things are butter dishes, one for each end of the table?

  2. Yup, the item next to the gravy boat is a butter dish.

  3. Things are coming together nicely! I'm glad Angel lets you sit on her couch!

  4. angel looks very comfortable... is she in the basement? Have to admit that we have taken doors off too, since we have such a small house, but those doors are beautiful!

  5. I love fridges that are covered in photos!! that is just the best

  6. Everything is looking great! Angel looks so comfy :)

  7. The door are beautiful! Never saw a round butter dish before. Thankfully (or not sometimes), DH is a liscensed electrician. Sitting under the ceiling fans right now. Your fridge looks like it tells a story...

  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    And thanks for the help with identifying the butter dish. My mom says that's what my grandma used it for.

    Deb, yep, that picture of Angel is in the basement.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed the fridge shot. Maybe I'll post more about that sometime. :)


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