Tuesday, May 14, 2013

kitten cell phone photos round up

Welcome to the latest installment of kitten cell phone photos!

Many of you know that our little Apollo had a couple of rough weeks this past month. We're still not sure exactly what happened, but the most likely explanation is that he got into something that he shouldn't have (and no, it was not a plant). It is awful seeing a little animal so miserable, even when the worst of it is only for a few days. Thankfully he's doing much better now. We appreciate all of the positive thoughts and prayers the past few weeks.

Sitting behind me in my computer chair is always a popular option for Apollo.

Angel watching.

Helping out with computer work is a tough job.

Protecting my hair from a vicious Ares attack.

Playing with an empty ribbon roll in Styrofoam.

My newest model.

Ares has a new game where he tried to attack our hands when we walk up or down the stairs.

Good things in life should go together.

Hanging out in a closet with some spare blankets.

Under the blankets.

Another behind me in the computer chair shot.

Playing on the stairs is always fun.

Both kittens love just about any type of window, light, or fan pull. Sometimes I humor Ares and lift him up to play with the fan and light pulls in Jake's office, which doesn't have a very have a very high ceiling.

Classic cat hiding spot.

What have your cats been up to lately?

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  1. I'm so glad Apollo is feeling better!
    I love the "Angel Watching" photo :)

  2. Oh, I love all of your pictures. Your kitties are like my grand kitty, GLaDOS, she lived with us for a few months and we all miss her, even our big ole boy cat, Thumper. Watching the two of them together was such a treat. Glad to hear Apollo is feeling better. Take care.

  3. So sorry to hear the kitty was ill - happy to hear he's better. Love the photos...

  4. They have gotten so big! I didn't know about Ares, but I'm glad he's better. It's very distressing to see our animals in...distress. I don't know what it is, but my tabby cat...about once every couple of months seems to get in some sort of pickle and freak me out, lol. Your photos are so cute!

  5. so great to hear that Apollo is better! what a scare! they are both looking pretty frisky ;)

  6. They are so cute. I love the little toy mouse in the food. I'm glad to hear Apollo is feeling better.

  7. Cute kittehs! I just showed my sister and she loves them =)

  8. Cute cute cute! Love the kitty-in-the-box pics!

  9. I'm glad to see Apollo is feeling much better! Love the box shots - those are among our favorite playthings here.

  10. I just can't help but smile when I see your kitties! I'm so glad Apollo is feeling better! We do a lot of holding up Angel so she can play with ceiling fan pulls too! Isabella is a tad too heavy for me to do that for. :)

  11. I always giggle my way through these. They always end up in the weirdest places.

  12. Puuuurrrrfectly charming! So delighted to hear that Apollo is better. Forrest and Pal send their best - and are back to napping in sun puddles.

  13. So cute. I love the one where they are looking out the window - a matched pair!

  14. So happy to hear Apollo is doing better.
    Funny about the hand-snatching game :) And they have grown! They are about Leo's size. Thanks for sharing these and making me smile :)

  15. glad Apollo is feeling better. {:-D


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