Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Feature: urban leaf photography

As many of you know, I love finding areas of nature within urban settings to take pictures. I went on a little search on Etsy to see if I could find any neat urban leaf photos. The search didn't disappoint. Enjoy.

Philadelphia Photography - Urban photo print - Autumn leaves art - Travel wall decor - 8x10 by APhotographicLife

Chicago Apartments in the Autumn Photography - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph - Etsy wall art by rebeccaplotnick
Abstract Fine Art Photography Blue Yellow Urban Leaves on Sidewalk - 8x10 by sherilwright

The Last Leaves of Autumn, 8x12" Fine Art Print by reflectionsoflight

fall autumn photography leaves large wall fine art print by AdventuresWithLight

Bench - Parc Monceau - Paris - 8th arrondissement - fall leaves colors - 8x10 art photograph - city of lights by WPThayerPhotography

Fall At Kissena Park 8.5x11 Photography Print, NYC Wall Art, New York City Nature Decor by thebqe


  1. Those are great finds Rose! I love the leaves in the urban settings - so cool!

  2. I love your Zazzle panel at the bottom of your posts. And I keep forgetting that you can do photography at Etsy, too. Dang...there are so many's hard to know which one to invest in. I looked at Deviant Art, but after setting up an account, it didn't call to me.
    In any case, these photos are awesome. Happy Friday!

  3. I like nature in urban settings, too. Otherwise all of the buildings would just be too much.

  4. You found some great photos to feature! Beautiful shots!


  5. God sure softens what man creates, doesn't He?

  6. those are great images. A little different from your leaf beads! {:-D

  7. Fantastic finds Rose. I love the last leaves of autumn photo with the red leaves. Lovely.

  8. I love photos that draw me in and those all did! Great picks Rose!

  9. Love the color combinations in all of the photos. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great pictures! Really love the Chicago apartments.

  11. Fantastic collection Rose! I really love all those shots, but the shirilwright photo really speaks to me. The colors and textures are amazing.
    Everyday Inspired

  12. I love the bench shot the best--there's something graceful that appeals to me about the profile of the bench, with the leaves perched in the curve.


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