Sunday, May 19, 2013

Treasury Round Up - 5/19/13

It's been another couple great weeks of treasuries! Please help me thank the curators by checking out their collections and shops.

Sarah (ACatLikeCuriosity) included my Beaded Bracelet - Purple Shell in her Favours for my favourites treasury. I'm sure that everyone who viewed this collection added at least a couple of these items to their favorites, too. Check out Sarah's A Kitty Can Warm Your Heart Art Print.

Cynthia (AntiquityTravelers) included my Beaded Necklace with Ceramic Focal - When Purple Meets Champagne in her Coming up Roses treasury. Cynthia created this collection for our friend Duni who recently opened up a fabric shop on Etsy. Check out the shop here, and check out Cynthia's Red Rose Lampwork Earrings with Jade.

Margaret (SplendidLittleStars) included my Beaded Bracelet - Winter Light Blue White Rock Garden in her by the sea treasury. This collection certainly makes me want to visit a sea. Check out Margaret's SILK Scrunchie hand dyed blue.

Margaret also included my Heart Charms Set in her true love treasury. I am always a sucker for heart items, and who could resist this whimsical collection them?

Kelly and Adam (ColourScape) included my Button Bracelet - Fall Autumn Red Orange Yellow in their Autumn treasury. I'm not ready for autumn yet, but I do love this color palette. Kelly and Adam rounded up a great mix of items. Check out their Fall Trees Lit by Sunlight Photographic Fine Art 5x7 Print.

BrusselsDeLuxe included my Beaded Bracelet - Button Embellished - Purple and Red in her Purple Red Love treasury. This is such a great color combination. Check out BrusselsDeLuxe's Wish your were here earrings.

LeAnn (pasqueflower) included my Beaded Cuff Bracelet - Easter Morning Green Flowers in her Bloom! treasury. This cheerful collection is perfect for spring. Check out LeAnn's Baby Girl Bib - Bold Red Flowers on Zebra Print.

Sharla (BeadedTail) included my Beaded Bracelet - Button Embellished - Rainbow Bright Colorful Multicolored in her For Moms of Kids With and Without Fur treasury. There is something fun here for everyone. Check out Sharla's Cat Wood Silhouette and Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Niobium Earrings - Kitty Cat.

Savenna (Solandia) included my Beaded Cuff Bracelet - Strawberry Fields Forever in her Running through The Fields of June treasury. This whimsical collection is perfect for the end of spring and start of summer. Check out Savenna's Knitted Red Heart Headband.

Natasha (StalkingTheWildSnark) included my Beaded Pendant - Peyote Triangle - Red Yellow Green Blue in her It's Geometric! treasury. I'm always a sucker for collections with lots of shapes. Check out Natasha's Small Blue Celtic Knot Earrings Pearls Hypoallergenic Gold.

Brenda (hangingbyawire) included my Button Charm Bracelet - Bright Colorful Multicolored Rainbow in her Somewhere Over the Rainbow treasury. You know how much I love bright collections. This one is particularly crazy! Check out Brenda's Citrus Splash - Magnesite and Glass Pearl Necklace.

Elena (WarmingHeartsCrafts) included my Beaded Cuff Bracelet - Strawberry Fields Forever in her Strawberries are ripe... treasury. I always enjoy finding this piece in strawberry collections. You can check out her Felted coffee tea mug cozy right in the treasury.

Katie (MJSKDesigns) included my Button Dangle Earrings - Bright Colorful Multicolored Rainbow in her Ear Candy treasury. This is such a fun collection! Check out Katie's Colorful Disc Summer Children's Earrings.

I also curated my own treasury last week: Spring Romance.

treasury round up


  1. What a wonderful treasury! It's always fun to see what people are creating and this is a beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Wow!! Great features! Thank you for including my baby bib.

  3. Wow! Congrats on so many treasuries! Thank you for including my earrings. I have to check out that tree photograph - it's beautiful!

  4. A lovely feature - thanks so much for including me :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  5. That's quite a number of treasuries and they are all lovely.

  6. what an amazing collection! so many wonderful treasuries and items!! congrats on all the treasury love, and thanks for including mine!

  7. Congrats on all the treasuries! So many of them. I just love LeAnn's bib and Sharla's earrings. Think I'll have to do some shopping again soon.

  8. Goodness - Loved the magic bowl and the queen of hearts necklace...

  9. Wow1 a plethora of treasuries! congratulations!

  10. and thanks for featuring my silk scrunchie! (sorry, I got carried away checking out treasuries!)

  11. So many fabulous treasuries! Congrats on so many features! Thank you for including my earrings with all these lovely items too!

  12. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for featuring one of our prints :) It's Autumn here and your item just fit in beautifully to that treasury I created!

  13. wow - what a great group of treasuries to be in! I think I like the colors the best - the blues and yellows blocks are so pretty! {:-D


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