Wednesday, June 9, 2010

award, new listing

Duni (Lovely Purses) and her cat Sammy were so kind to give me and Angel the Happy Cat award.

As part of accepting the award, I'm supposed to list five things that make Angel happy.
1) eating almost any kind of cheese
2) eating almost any kind of ice cream
3) sitting with/working her non-existent front claws on plastic laundry baskets
4) watching me work on counted cross-stitch
5) sitting with her tank water bowl
Thanks again Duni and Sammy! :)

My inventory is still kind of a mess after the Arts Festival.  I did take pictures of everything that I brought with me.  I just didn't edit all of the pictures or write much down about most of them yet.  I will slowly edit the pictures and post listings for the items that I didn't sell at the festival.

I listed the first new one tonight: spring green tubular triangle earrings.

I was a little disappointed that not one of the three pairs of tubular triangle earrings that I had sold at the Arts Festival, but they still got a lot of compliments.
I don't know what color combination I'll be using for my next tubular triangles.  Any suggestions?  I'd still like to work one into a bracelet/cuff sometime.

I received confirmation last night that I'll have a booth at the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Arts & Crafts Show in Urbandale, IA (Des Moines area) in October.  It's really nice to have another show to look forward to already!


  1. cream - haven't tried that yet. purrs Sammy =^.^=

    Your green triangular earrings are fab!!!

  2. Concatulations on your award Angel! Ice cream is yummy - especially if there's whipped cream on top!

    Angel & Isabella

    To Angel's mom, purple is always a good choice! :D

  3. Harley can hear a slice of cheese being unwrapped from a mile away! And he's an ice cream lover too :) He and Angel would be good buddies!

    Glad to hear you're getting ready for another show :)

  4. I bet that Sammy would enjoy ice cream!

    I'll keep purple in mind. :)

    It sounds like they would be good buddies, Edi. :) Thanks!

  5. Purple is always a good color, amethyst or tanzanite and in spring/summer lilac, too. Label the lime green earrings as peridot which is August's birthday color. No one but an artist knows how much time it takes to prepare before and after a show. Maybe we need the down time before we can start the creative process again? Glad you have a show to look forward to.

  6. I will definitely keep purple in mind. I sold both of my purple flat triangle earrings at the festival so I'm planning to get purple out again at some point in the near future anyway.

    I don't think any of the green pieces that I've made are pure peridot, but I will keep that in mind if I do use that shade. Thanks!

    I'm glad that I don't have another show again for a little while. I won't feel rushed to make lots more magnets and earrings immediately and can focus on some bigger projects that I've had in mind the last couple months.

  7. hehe congrats on the award :))


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