Saturday, June 12, 2010

three items to check out

I've already made a lot of progress this weekend with my jewelry pictures and inventory.  I got behind a couple weeks before the Arts Festival with editing pictures and getting descriptions ready for new items, and I'm still playing catch up.  There's still a lot of work to do, but I feel good about everything that I've accomplished.  I also made a lot of progress editing non-jewelry pictures from this school year.  I have posted everything that I want to from October through May on Facebook now and have ordered a bunch of new prints to put up at home and work.

I listed my neutral square stitch embellished cuff today.
I am really pleased with how this picture turned out.  I think that it's one of the best that I've taken in a long time.
I used a few random components left over from one of my Art Bead's blogging stashes in this cuff.  There are several Swarovskis as well as a handful of Czech glass beads, including Czech glass hearts.  As it goes with all of my embellished cuffs, I had fun pulling components from a variety of sources.  Some of the beads in here I picked out when I was making my wedding jewelry almost 4 years ago!

I lowered the cost of all of my embellished square stitch cuffs in my Etsy shop today.  From here on out, they will all be $40.00.

I made a new version of my tri-color with red border triangle pendant that I sold last summer and updated the listing with new pictures today.

Because the ribbons were such a big hit at the Arts Festival, I will include ribbons with all of my pendants from now on, both on Etsy and at craft fairs.  If you would like a different length and/or color than the one pictured in the listing, just let me know!  I current have red, white, and black and am happy to get more colors as people request them.

I sold the coordinating bracelet for this pendant at the Arts Festival and made a new one this past week as well as a matching pair of earrings.  I will list both of them sometime in the next month.

While I was taking pictures of some other new items today, I took pictures of my older turning to fall bangle whose renewal is coming up soon.

I have a handful of other older items that also desperately need new pictures.  As their renewals come up on Etsy, I'm planning to update their listings with new pictures.  I have a lot of respect for people who edit huge numbers of listings at once.  I don't have the motivation to do that!  Instead, I do my best to continue make changes a little bit at a time.


  1. loving the new photos! beautiful work as always!

  2. Your work is absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented and creative! Love your blog! I am following you....

  3. LOVE your photos! The bigger - the better I can see your lovely work!

  4. The new photos are fabulous and I love those bracelets!

  5. Thank you so much everyone! It's really encouraging to have so much good feedback about my new photos. :)

  6. Baby Steps work. You do a LOT! Don't know why the forum ebw posts are down. The ebw yahoo group posts got interesting when sagescupboard did a great shop critique that we can all get something from.

  7. Thanks Karen! I appreciate that. Etsy always seems to slow down on the weekends...

  8. Great new pieces and great new photos!
    I think editing in batches instead of all at once is a good idea too :)

  9. the pics look great! looks really good as your header here :)
    I am always amazed at not only how awesome your creations look but how many you are able to create! wish I could work that fast :P

  10. Thank you so much ladies!

    Theresa, I kind of work in waves. I'll make 5-6 pieces one week and then nothing the next week.

  11. the colors are fantastic! And your blog banner and side bars are looking good too. I love looking at your blog!

  12. Thank you Deb! :) I'm planning to continue updating the picture at the top to reflect my newest items (although it will be hard to replace my neutral cuff haha).

  13. wow - they're all beautiful. I especially like the green one!

    p.s. love the one in your blog header too :)


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