Monday, June 28, 2010

gift certificate, back in stock, more pictures

I picked up my beads from the Flame class today.  As I'd hoped, there were a couple that I really like and a small handful that will make neat irregular focal pieces.  I'll take pictures of them tomorrow.

I won a $25 gift certificate for artisanclay a couple weeks ago.  You probably already know that I'm a big fan of Kristie's work.  I won one of her ceramic clay donuts a while back, and I also have a set of her ceramic buttons (that I haven't used yet...a tragedy, I know).  I waited until Jake and I got back from the Dells to spend my gift certificate.  My goodies arrived today!  I got the Small Blue recycled glass pendant or charm and the Stoneware clay bead set in Vivid Blue.  I will most likely keep the pendant for myself and wear it on a simple ribbon or chain.  I have a couple ideas for the clay bead set.  More details on that as it comes together.  Thanks Kristie!

I updated the listing for my raspberry and gold right angle bracelet today.  It's officially back in stock!

For those who love my peyote triangle earrings, my purple pearl peyote triangle earrings are also back in stock.

It's interesting going back and taking pictures of older pieces.  Some pieces are really hard to photograph well either, typically because of their shape (my normal "poses" don't work very well) or color.  In those cases, my new photos don't always look that different from the old ones.  But some photos significantly improve.  I'm really happy with the new photos for my blue, turquoise, and white fringed peyote cuff.


  1. think posing the pieces on a sheet of music is so nice. And you show another side of yourself as well! {:-D

  2. I'm glad you are treating yourself to some of your favorites. We need to keep our best work for self promotion, of course!


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