Sunday, June 13, 2010

treasury feature, another reworked listing

Mirella (Mireloom) included my multicolored cubes peyote cuff in her untitled but very fun and colorful treasury.  Thanks Mirella!

You can view this treasury live by CLICKING HERE.

I sold the longer version of my Emerald City right angle bracelet at the Iowa Arts Festival.  I updated the listing on Etsy today so it only has the shorter one in it.

Unfortunately if I make any more Emerald Cities, they will not look exactly like this because I only have a few of the size 6 Czech beads from that particular green mix left.  That's hard to believe because it was a huge mix.  I got rid of the original bag a long time ago, but it was at least 80 grams.  It served me well!  I just wish that I could find something similar to it again.


  1. 80 grams is a lot of beads. You must really like green!

  2. As I'm sure that you can tell by now, I really do. :)


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