Friday, June 4, 2010

sneak peaks for the Iowa Arts Festival

As promised, I am going to post sneak peaks of new items that I'll have at the Arts Festival this weekend.  It's hard to believe that it's really tomorrow.  We were in downtown Iowa City earlier today, and things were already underway, which did help it feel a little more real.  To be 100% honest, I'm really nervous.  I think that I'll feel better once I get everything set up and get started, but I'm going to have a hard time waiting tonight.

For anyone reading this who is in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area: It will be in downtown Iowa City tonight-Sunday.  The art booths are up Saturday 10AM-6PM and Sunday 10AM-4PM.  Please come by if you can!  You can check out the Summer of the Arts web site for more information.

Before I get to the sneak previews, I have a couple other things to post.  The first one is that Sharla (BeadedTail) took me up on my offer to feature one of her items here for being one of my Top Droppers last month.  I picked her Copper Kitty - Moonstone Beaded Earrings. :)

This little bit of news is just for fun.  Angel discovered a new activity this week.
We have ended up pouring a cup of water in the shower for her a couple times because sometimes she wants to go in there when the shower isn't wet.  The things that we do for our pets!

I have a lot of new items for the Arts Festival.  I will slowly list whatever doesn't sell there on Etsy during the next month.  I have 24 pairs of button stud earrings, over 50 button magnets, and about a dozen new bead woven pieces.  Here are a few of them.

I also have a pair of these in blue now.

As I mentioned above, I have lots of button studs like this in all colors.

I made a pair of these as studs as well.

I am so excited about this cuff.  I've been working on this design in my head for a year.  And yes, that is a Lisa Peters's button for the clasp.

I have at least one more new striped triangle earrings, too.

I love pink and black together, but hadn't done anything in this color combination in a while.

As promised, I also have a pair of these in lime green.

Remember the birthday cake sneak peak?  This is the finished product. :)

If anyone wants to reserve anything before tomorrow, let me know!


  1. great items,Rose! Have a wonderful show!

  2. awesome peek :)
    And what a fun activity for the kitty...easy to do on your end too :P

  3. Thanks Margaret!

    For sure Theresa! :) Can't beat cheap and easy.

  4. My Angel loves to do that too! We have to pour water in the bathtub every night so she can chase it to the drain. Aren't kitties the cutest?

    I love that pink and black bracelet! Thanks for showing my earrings too!

    Good luck tomorrow and have fun!

  5. Too funny!!

    Thanks so much Sharla! :)

  6. Wow, that cuff is stunning! I love those stud button earrings too!

    p.s. oh yes, our cats have trained us well :)

  7. good luck this weekend. I know you'll do well... your beadweaving is absolutely beautiful! And you know I LOVE your cuffs. Have had a lot of comments of the one I wear!

  8. You are so creative! I love the button earrings!!!!

  9. Wow. You've been so busy! And everything's so pretty, I'll bet your booth totally rocks the show!


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