Sunday, April 3, 2011

Art Beads sneak peak

The Art Beads blog design team got details this week about our newest challenge: "What's Old is New Again!"  Of course my mind immediately went to work because I can never resist placing my blog order with them as soon as possible.  I have a lot of the cube and seed beads that I need for my idea.
As you can see, I'm using an orange, lime green, turquoise, and purple color palette.  I'm actually going to substitute the purple cubes for some darker matte finish ones from Art Beads.  And yes, this is going to be another dagger piece.  I'm going to use the wasabi and orange daggers on the right as well as some transparent green and patina daggers that I'm ordering.

Some of you may remember that I made a dagger piece for the last Art Bead challenge.  The color palette and theme will be totally different for this.  I'm also going to add some side embellishment and substitute a metal clasp for my typical button clasp.  Yep, I have about a couple hundred vintage buttons in my own collection and could easily pick out something awesome, but we need 2 main product categories for our piece so the metal clasp is a perfect way to make that happen.  I found a neat retro one.  I love how it has the circles in it, which will coordinate perfectly with the patina daggers.  I won't have any true vintage components, but I will have vintage inspired components, which is okay for this challenge, and the piece will have a definite retro feel.

I should have my order within the next week and will have more news about this piece soon.


  1. Sounds exciting and I can't wait to see what you make! They must roll out their program in batches because you always hear about it and get your order placed before word ever gets to me. Gives me more time to figure out what I'll do though!

  2. those are great looking colors together. I've been drawing with orange and dark blue lately, but I love that green! Hope all the family is well and things will be going ok for uncle and friends. {:-D

  3. Thanks Sharla and Deb!

    That's interesting, Sharla. I hadn't realized. It is nice to get more time with the theme.

    Orange and dark blue are a great color combination. I haven't done a lot with that in jewelry making, but it's been one of my favorites for a while. Thank you! I'll keep everyone updated.

  4. Ooops...I never got that email...hope I haven't been axed!

  5. As Sharla said, they seem to roll out the new offers in batches so you'll probably get your e-mail soon. As long as you've continued to participate, which you have, you should still be included.

  6. Those colors look fun! I can't wait to see your piece!

  7. Ok, now I want to get in on this yous guyes! Just made me think that I have not been getting any of the email from ArtBeads either. I have purchased so much from them over these years, wondering. Hope I wasn't axed either... ouch...

    Off to check out the challenge! We're on girls...wanna make a wager that if one of us wins, the other two must come for a visit?


  8. The blogging program is invite only. And it isn't a challenge, just a fun opportunity to evaluate Art Beads products while making gorgeous jewelry.


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