Thursday, April 28, 2011

finished photo display and a classic combination

I finished the photo display that I first blogged about last week here.  I seriously overestimated how many photos I would need for one display board.  So I ended up making two displays.  I had to buy another display and then wait for a day that wasn't rainy or super windy so I could safely bring it into work.  Yes, normally I would work on this at home, but we're showing our condo so I'm not leaving any projects out.  Anyway, things got a little delayed, but I still got it finished with plenty of time to spare.
I apologize that this photo is a little cluttered with the full shelves underneath.  This was the clearest spot I could get on a raised surface in my room.  I'm really happy with the way that they turned out.  Hopefully others will enjoy them, too.

Also, I'm finally bringing back my black and white button charm bracelet design.


  1. You did a good job with it. And that bracelet in your banner is beautiful.


  2. The display looks great! I'm sure everyone at the party will love it!

    Black and White is such a great color combo...goes with everything :)

  3. The photo display turned out wonderful! Once the party is over you'll need one of Edi's albums to put all those photos in! :)

  4. Hey, girl...Anna put us in a button treasury together! Go check it out :)

  5. Thank you so much ladies! I'll try to take a couple more pictures of the display at the party.

    Thanks so much Lisa! It's an awesome collection. I really appreciate the little shout out. :)


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