Sunday, April 24, 2011

why I love my customers

Happy Easter!  I've been working on a custom order this week.  The woman loved my Beaded Bracelet - Double Linked - Chocolate and Cream and wanted coordinating earrings and pendant to go with it.  She had a pretty clear idea what she wanted.  Together we finalized the details.  The bracelet was made to order so she got a brand new version of it in a custom length.

The customer also wanted me to take a picture of the whole set together.

I love my customers because I never would have conceptualized the earrings and pendant on my own.  I have made lots of shell earrings, but I wouldn't have thought to use two shell beads and to use the beads that I used in the bracelet.  And I've never made a shell pendant before.  I love the final result, though!

The design for this bracelet is something that came about with a little idea that I had to rework several times to create this final result.  It drove me up the wall the first and the second time that I made it.  This third time went so much more smoothly.  Third time's the charm, right?  I felt like I finally got into the rhythm of this pattern and didn't have to spend much time going back and adding or redoing anything.

So...I might make a couple more sets of these in other colors.  I love having the earrings and pendant that coordinate now.  I love the idea of doing a set in turquoise.  I haven't thought much past that yet.  Any thoughts, let me know.


  1. Custom requests can turn into some of our best ideas! And this one is great! I love the idea of sets and turquoise sounds great too!

  2. Custom requests make me nervous since I'm so bad at visualizing things but in the end they are so rewarding! Your set turned out lovely! I have a turquoise caterpillar bracelet half way done so maybe I'll finally get that finished today now that you reminded me about it!

  3. It's a great design. I love turquoise, so do it!

    Most of my customers make my designs better and give me ideas for better ones.

    Glad you're having fun creating (and selling)

  4. oh yes, a set in turquoise will be dreamy! And the earrings - the whole set actually - are very pretty. And you can sell them individually or as a set!

  5. Thanks so much ladies! I've only had one bad experience with custom orders so far and have had a lot of good ones. Some of them have turned into some of my favorite work. I will continue to list individual components for sets separately on Etsy. I'm glad that others are excited about turquoise. :)

  6. Your set turned out so well! Turquoise would be a great color!
    Customers have given me some great ideas which have then turned into favorites. There was one bad experience....

  7. Thanks Margaret! I've only had one bad experience, too. Some of my favorite work has still been my custom work.


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