Saturday, April 16, 2011

newest shell bead earrings and button bracelets in the works

I promised quite a while back that I would make earrings to coordinate with my black shell bead bracelets.  I finally listed one of the pairs of earrings this week.

These earrings are available here.  I'll list the smaller version of these earrings soon.  The vote for the coordinating earrings was black so that's what I decided to make.  But if you prefer white, just let me know.  I still have some white shells.

I have sea green and pale blue bracelet and earring sets ready to photograph, too.

I sold five button charm bracelets on Etsy last month.  I've started restocking my stash.  I know that my shop is still plenty full, but my button bracelet supply has diminished.  It's been one of my few designs that has sold consistently on Etsy so I'm not going to stop making them any time soon.  I have blue in the works right now.
All of my new button charm bracelets will have beads like this recently sold button charm bracelet has.  They have been popular and are something that sets my button charm bracelets apart from others that are available on Etsy.  The turquoise/red combination will be back as well as green and purple.


  1. Looks great! Have fun restocking!

  2. I like the black earrings. They would go with everything.

  3. turquoise/red is a great combo! And I love the black earrings. One day I'll fix my ears so I'll be able to wear earrings again. Never thought that ripping two earholes together would cause such a problem! {:-D

  4. Congrats on all the recent sales! I love all the fun color combos you come up with!

  5. Thanks Deb and Edi!

    I can't wear earrings either, Deb. :( My ear lobes just can't support the weight, even for studs.

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