Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Feature: Milwaukee

I didn't want to switch my features to the weekend so I'll have Top Droppers and other new month information up tomorrow.  For now, enjoy my features.  I'm sure that it's not a surprise that I was inspired to pick this theme!

A Calatrava Hug on a Cold Winter's Day by tinaleannphotography

MILWAUKEE BUCKS Cornhole Bean Bags ACA CERTIFIED by handsewnbynana

Marquette University - medium reversible bib by GenerationsinStyle

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - United States - City Skyline Series - Notecards (8) by architette

Fine Art Blank Cards - Milwaukee Art Museum by jenniferjackson19

50 Assorted Vintage Milwaukee Brewer Cards by 1mamacyn2

Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Baby Onesie by 918hometownsports


  1. Ohhh, you must be so excited!!!

    Enjoyed your featured items, especially that last one ... so cute.

  2. i love that first picture. so interesting!

  3. That photo is awesome! You'll be there before you know it!

  4. Won't be long now and you'll be seeing those things all the time!

  5. Thanks so much ladies! Yes, we definitely will be there before we know it. Less than 3 months now!

  6. Thanks for sharing! Awesome picture, that first one!!


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