Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday feature: random

Welcome to my random Friday feature for April!  Enjoy!

Of course I had to include something with buttons.  Wouldn't these be fun to make?  There are so many fun uses for them.
WATERMELON Button Baubles - Set of 9 Pink and Green Layered Felt and Button Embellishments by chocolatecupcake

Another button item...A simple button with beautiful bead embroidery in black and white.  How can you not love it?
Cirque Button Brooch Black White Bead Embroidered Pin by TheCrimsonMoon

I always love clouds!  What a creative use for this little piece of sea glass.
Sea Glass Necklace, Sterling Silver Cloud, 16 inches by akkricket

This is an example of an awesome set of beads that I haven't bought because I don't know what I'd do with them.  But they're still so much fun.
6mm Matte Color Mixed Vitrail Peacock Czech Glass Squarelet Beads by beadsandbabble

I have a weakness for chicks and ducks.  These adorable little guys are perfect for Easter.
Easter Chick, Hand Knit Softie Toy by beadedwire

I'm sure that you already know why I chose this piece.

And I had to include a triangle item!  I actually do know how I'd use these triangles, but cabochons are a whole level of beadweaving that I'm not ready to approach because I don't need another direction to take right now.  But I know that someone out there will make something wonderful with these soon!
Set of 3 Ceramic RAKU Cabochons by LisaPetersArt


  1. OMG!!!!! Those chicks are just to DIE for. And I love the watermellon buttons as well. YUM!!!

  2. Wow...everything you picked today is so eye catching! Those little chicks-AHHHHH....need them! And the water mellon buttons? It makes me want to dig through my stash and just play:) And maybe I will!

    OK...also realized I commented on exactly the same things Marsha did. Weird.

  3. Awesome picks. Love those triangle cabs, absolutely beautiful.

  4. Thanks for featuring my button brooch in this fantastic collection Rose!

    Those chicks are so adorable! And funny enough, I was drooling oveer those triangle cabs on Etsy a few days ago.

  5. Those square beads are nifty!

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my cloud necklace. This is an amazing collection!!

  7. Beautiful finds, thanks so much for including my little chicks.
    Judy of Beadedwire

  8. Thanks so much for all of the feedback! And those of you who have items included, you're very welcome!

  9. Love the button baubles and the dagger bracelet!

  10. Thanks so much Lisa and Edi! I'm glad that there are so many favorites here!


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