Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a new way to wear it

I have a little confession to make.  I've been wearing the two new blue/purple rock garden bracelets a lot since I finished them earlier this month.  Yep, I made two, and I've been wearing both of them.  Together.

I love how you can position the looped part wherever you want when you wear the bracelets this way.

Usually I can position it on top as I did in the first photo, but you can slide it down toward the buttons if you want.

These buttons are from my Christmas stash.

In case anyone hasn't already figured this out, I simply connect the two bracelets with one clasp, loop the two bracelets around my wrist, and fasten the other bracelet.  If someone buys one on Etsy (or is interested in one in person), then I will part with this part of this lovely set, but for now, I'm still really enjoying it.  And I may get inspired to experiment with more "double editions" like this in the future.

Also, I put a new recipe up on HubPages last night: Homemade Hummus and Other Bean Dip Variations.


  1. Hmn....maybe you're on to something. I think it looks gorgeous thick like that. Have you thought about making thick, chunky single stranded bracelets?

  2. Very clever! I like the way it looks doubled up like that!

    That dip looks yummy!

  3. I like how it looks--it is nice and full!

  4. Nancy, I used to make tons of stretchy single strand beaded bracelets, which are really a lot of fun. I'm not sure how to do thick, chunky, and single stranded without wire, though. Any thoughts?

    Thanks much Sharla and Erika!

  5. great way of marketing them, with it on your wrist. I don't feel bad when I wear my jewelry: let's people see how sturdy they are, been told a lot by jewelers to "wear your jewelry." And it has paid off at times. Good luck with them - great idea! {:-D

  6. I don't feel bad when I wear my jewelry either. I typically wear pieces from my own collection, though, instead of pieces I'm intending to sell. I'm not sure why it matters to me haha. But it is a great way to market for sure. Thanks!


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