Wednesday, April 11, 2012

another edition of why I love my customers

Last month I had the pleasure of completing three custom orders.  Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know how much I enjoy custom work.  Not only do I almost always get to work with really great customers, but these orders frequently give me a chance to try designs and/or color combinations that I would not have tried otherwise.  This most recent set of custom orders was no exception.

a new size
The first custom request was simply for a different size of an existing design.  I am always happy to do this for customers whenever I can recreate or closely recreate my designs.

Working with this design again inspired me to remake my most popular version of it.
The green is still available here and the new rainbow is available here.  You can see all of my in progress pictures of my rainbow piece in this post.  I do still have buttons pulled for new purple and yellow/orange designs and will be putting these together at some point.

an existing color combination for a different design
The second custom request was for an existing color combination from a wrap bracelet/necklace for one of my earring designs.  I have used almost this exact bead mix for at least three other pieces before.  Of course I didn't mind pulling it out again.  How can you not love blue?

I haven't sold enough triangle earrings lately to justify making a lot more of them, but I'm always happy to put together new custom versions.

a brand new bargello pattern
The first two requests were from returning customers.  The third request was from a brand new customer.  She was interested in a wider version of this cuff.  I bought this pattern from Carol Dean of SandFibers who as some of you know is one of the most accommodating saleswomen out there.  I contacted her to see if she's be interested in working something up for me.  She got me an in the works pattern that she's already developed but hadn't yet published within 24 hours...for free.  You can't ask for much more than that.

I had worked the original pattern three times and thought that this wouldn't be too tricky.  Most of it wasn't, but it took me a couple hours to get the first ten rows or so done because I did a lot more ripping out than beading.  The effort was well worth it, though.


I still love the Carol's bargello design.  Once I got going, the wider version was just as fun as the original.  I'm sure it's not a surprise that this was a very time consuming piece.  I'm not in a big hurry to make another one, but I will probably get inspired to at some point in the future.

the feedback
I don't usually share customer feedback here, but all three of these customers left wonderful feedback within a week of receiving their purchases.  It always makes my day when people take the time to do this.
#1: "beautiful..just as em.will shop here again"

#2: "Really, really pretty! Rose makes gorgeous pieces. Thank you so much!"

#3: "This beauty arrived today. It's perfect. The craftsmanship is superb and it fits like a...well, I was going to say glove, but like a cuff bracelet should! I love it. If I want custom beaded jewelry in the future, this is where I'll come. :) Good job, Rose!"

As always, if you would ever like a custom version of anything that you see here on in my Etsy shop, don't hesitate to contact me.  I am happy to help you in any way that I can.

Have you been working on any custom orders lately?  Share your experiences!

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I included this post in Michelle's Delicately Constructed Friday 4/13/12 and Erika's It's a Wrap Link Party - 4/16/12.


  1. The wide cuff is a great size - I have big hands and skinny wrists so larger bracelets are preferred

  2. Wow, that yellow cuff is so retro 70s - love it!!
    The last custom order I did was an XXL laundry bag. It was huge - the whole family could stick their laundry in it!

  3. Awh, I'm so glad to hear you loved making them all and all of the great comments about how well they were received. Lovely!

  4. Yay for custom orders! I love that rainbow button bracelet and the wide bargello cuff looks fantastic!

  5. The rainbow bracelet would be perfect for kids.
    That cuff bracelet is so gorgeous. I just love it.

  6. What fun! You know I love custom work as well :)
    Awesome feedback! I love to open my always puts a smile on my face :)
    I can see why all of these customers were super happy with their pieces!

  7. I could only bead as much as an earring. When I see bracelets like that I just say "Wow!"

  8. Wonderful custom pieces! Getting positive feedback from customers is the best. :D

  9. That cuff is brilliant! Love it. I love custom work, too... it can make you a little nervous, but when it all comes together it's magic!

  10. Isn't it nice when your customers just love the finished product!!!

  11. beautiful work, Rose!
    Yes, I love the positive comments my customers make. Some of my best ideas have come from customer suggestions.
    I have just finished dyeing a scarf in a larger size and heavier weight. I will be washing it out soon. It looks good so far.

  12. Those are great pieces and obviously from the feedback they are just as great in person as they look in the pictures.

  13. rose - your work is absolutely beautiful. And the wide band looks great! Congrats. on all the custom orders, esp. a new person! {:-D

  14. Your work is beautiful Rose so I'm not surprised one bit that your customers have such rave reviews!

  15. Ooooh, that wide cuff is gorgeous! I definitely see why everybody was so happy with their items!

    I love doing custom work, too. My favorite is when somebody wants a different look for each bridesmaid.

  16. Wonderful! Your work is beautiful & it's great that you have fantastic customer feedback. Congrats & keep up the good work!

  17. Beautiful custom orders! Your feedback reflects your attention to detail and your great customer service!

  18. I love the combinations of the brown buttons with the beads.

    I'm kind of afraid of special orders. I think it goes back to my days in the printing business when we did everything from formatting menus to logo design. It would drive me nuts when clients would keep changing their minds.

  19. That wide cuff is stunning!

    What great feedback you have gotten and congrats on some of the recent custom orders!


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