Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Going Nautical

The May 2012 Etsy Beadweavers theme is Nautical Inspired.  This is a pretty straight forward theme, but you can read more about it here.  While April's Seed Beads Only challenge was a lot more fun than originally anticipated, I am glad that this challenge and the next one are much more open ended.

As many of you know, I frequently find inspiration from color.  I did a little nautical color palette hunting online to help me figure out where I was going with this theme.

Nautical Colors of Port Jefferson, Long Island

This post has several great palettes, but I've always liked light houses, so I went right for the one with the rich red.

I went for blues and grays that were a little lighter than the original palette, but I didn't add any other colors.

I loved adding the lampwork discs to my skinny wrapped design for my nest piece and decided to use this technique again for my nautical piece.  They don't represent anything nautical in a literal sense, but the colors tied together so well.

I got these beads from Jen of blueseraphim a while back during a big pre-holiday sale.  I try not to purchase in one of a kind beads like this without a project in mind, but Jen's beads are so versatile that I always find a use for them pretty quickly.

I love this embellished addition to my wrapped bracelets and will most likely make more in the future.  As always, if there are any color combinations that you're like to see, let me know.

This piece is available for sale in my Etsy shop right here.  Voting will take place on the EBW blog in early May.  Check back on my blog the week of May 9 for all of the voting details.  To get a sneak peek at the other entries already up and running, search EBWC on Etsy.

Has anyone else created nautical items?  Share your listings and blog posts!

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  1. Lovely color choices. I feel like I need to buy a pin-up sailor dress to go with this bracelet.

    Wouldn't that combination just be FABULOUS? (oh, with red heels to go with!)

  2. Super cute! And I'm definitely not surprised by that color palette!

  3. Dear Rose, Great colors for the summer. Blessings, Catherine

  4. Your bracelet is lovely! The colors are perfect for a day on a sailboat.

  5. That is very pretty. What a lovely design.

  6. Love the effect off the side buttons, I feel I've just docked the boat and thrown out the bumpers.

  7. The lampwork discs look great with this piece! Love the colors!

  8. Those discs are perfect accents for that bracelet! Another great job Rose!

  9. Lovely bracelet! It would look amazing on my American mermaid.

  10. Lovely! I really like the color scheme you ended up going with. Lots of blues with a splash of red really make me think of the sea & boats. :)

    This seagull photo print is one of my nautical items. I think the colors in my photo match your bracelet pretty well!

  11. Your braclet is gorgeous - love the color palette and the beads you chose!

  12. I love the color palette. It's perfect. Your bracelet came out great.

  13. Very fun! Great colors =) I don't think I have ever done anything nautical... LOL

  14. I love the nautical theme for summer!
    It seems to be a popular trend this season. Great job on
    the bracelet! Love the buttons :)

  15. I've always loved nautical colors ever since my Mom used to make me sailor dresses... I miss those days. : ) Love your bracelet - funny it brought that memory back.

  16. I love the nautical palette you chose! Your bracelet is lovely! I like the blue buttons with the red beads around the outside.

  17. great colors. I like the little dots of red, like buoys! {:-D


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