Thursday, April 26, 2012

in the right season

Margaret of Splendid Little Stars came up with the April BBA Challenge: Spring is in the air!  This is what she wrote about the challenge: "Create a project that calls to mind how one or all the senses respond to this new beginning time of year."

I have been doing well staying ahead with creating jewelry for upcoming seasons and holidays but not so much with cards.  I haven't been sweating it because I feel like I'm still getting back into the craft and will be prepared for the 2012 holiday season and beyond, which is fine.  However, I wanted to have some seasonal cards ready for my upcoming show.  This challenge was the perfect opportunity to make this happen. 

Do you remember the flowers that I put together in the winter?

I used some of them for A7 Mother's Day cards a while back and have now put the rest of them to use for mini spring, Mother's Day, and graduation cards.

I had fun experimenting with a lot of different bright colors and spring prints.  Most of the flowers are so multicolored that I could pair almost anything with them.

As I've mentioned before, I also got inspired to make some turquoise and red birthday cards.  There are over 20 of them in the photo of the stack of cards at the beginning of this post.
I will be packaging a few sets of turquoise/red cards and will save the rest until I have some other color combinations available and will then make mixed birthday packs.

I don't have any of these new mini cards in the shop yet, but as always, if you're interested before I get them up, let me know.

Have you been making new seasonal projects for spring?

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I included this post in Michelle's Delicately Constructed Friday - 4/27/2012.


  1. You're kicking butt in the card-making department! You've got lots of new ones done. And fun colors!

  2. Lovely! That's quite a lot of work there! Gosh...looking at what all you've gotten done lately makes me feel lazy! I've been on the computer a lot more than I've been making stuff and i'm getting sad about it!

  3. Beautiful cards :) and I love the mini flowers. I have been busy making earrings for the summer months :)

  4. Lovely cards! I have been a bit lazy this week...I am also feeling inspired to create!

  5. pretty and cheerful! I love all the wonderful colors! I've been making cards, too.

  6. Those cards are all so pretty! There'll be a lot of happy moms out there this Mother's Day!

  7. wow you sure put together a lot of cards. They look great too

  8. I love your Happy Spring paper! What a great combo of the flowered "wallpaper" and sweet little flowers! I haven't been making anything for sale, except for the eyeglass holders - a 3rd request from the same gentleman! {:-D

  9. I see how you love polka didn't occur to me until I looked at your photos the second time around. It's great that you're able to use those colorful flowers on so many different cards at different times of the year.

  10. Those cards are adorable! Very spring feeling... right into summer!


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