Monday, April 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro on Monday

Welcome to another edition of the photo Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro!  Enjoy!

1) New
Before we started putting in a new back door last month, it had been quite a while since we'd done a home project.  How quickly we forget...None of our home projects around here have gone as expected.  This one is no exception.  This is during Day 2 of the project.  There will be a Day 3 at a TBD time in the future to finish up the framework, but we do have the door and screen door in place now.   (That is my in-laws' PT Cruiser by the way.  I don't want anyone to think that we own one.)

2) Life
Pretty much every day of my life includes making something.  I got back into a red and blue kick after making my coasters last month so I'm making some cards now.

3) Fragrant
This is the cinnamon roll cake with cream cheese frosting that I referenced on Saturday.  Again, I used 1/2 the suggested butter for the cinnamon-sugar layer, and I made 1/2 a batch of frosting.  You won't miss the extra calories by making these cuts.  At all.  It's still so good.

4) Pink
This is one of my new spring pieces that I'll release in a couple weeks.  Those of who are in the BBA may know who keeps inspiring me to use this color combination.

5) Obvious

These are the obvious pictures because obviously it wouldn't be a month of Scavenger Hunts if Angel didn't make an appearance at least a couple times.  I couldn't decide which photo to use so you get both.
1) Angel loves any kind of backpack or bag.  Jake got out his old laptop bag for me to use with my new laptop.   It's still in a storage area when I'm not traveling with my computer, but it's more accessible than it was before, so she likes to hang out with it.  Clearly this is an exhausting process.
2) After a week of finding water all over the floor around Angel's bed, we figured out what was happening because we caught her in the act.  She keeps bunching her blanket up in the front like that, so we just leave it that way now.

Check out Ashley's blog to see what other people submitted for the themes this week.

Here's my shot for I Heart Macro.
This is a sneak peek of my cube bead base mix for my May EBW Challenge entry.

studio waterstone

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  1. You don't like PT Cruisers? We had one and I really liked it.

  2. Haha...laughing about the PT cruiser thing;) I think that's a generational thing. Great new design- I'm sure Edi will be proud too:)

  3. I'm gonna have to try that cake - I love cinnamon and my husband loves cream cheese frosting...

  4. The cake looks delicious! I love Angel photos. Such a sweetie!

  5. Great perspective on the first shot - and I love your yawning cat shot!

  6. These are so fun, Rose! I love your commentary on each one!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  7. Angel is adorable. Truly.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  8. I laugh when I see PTs so I understand and great photo of Angel.


  9. I recognize that bracelet color combo and design :) And I ♥ it!!!
    The photos of Angel are so cute. You're right, it wouldn't be the same without some furbaby pics :)

  10. You're a busy lady! Creating, baking, home repairs... thanks for sharing it all! And making me hungry (my family never notices when I cut 1/2 the fat in any recipe). And thanks for the inspiration to get off the computer and start creating something myself!

  11. What a pretty cat Angel is.
    That cake sure looks good

  12. I know who inspires that color combination! :) Hope the 3rd time is all it takes to fix up the door. I love the photos of Angel - she made me smile after a very long day!

  13. love the new bracelet colors! My favorite pic of Angel is her yawning! At least, I think she is... {:-D

  14. LOVE both pics of Angel :)
    Our home projects never go as expected either! Over Easter WE we painted our window sills white, but the paint was all blotchy, so we have to do it all over again!

  15. Great Shots! And I love the colors in that new piece! :]

  16. Very fun! What a cutie Angel is =) Of course, hers are my favorites ;-)


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